Call me Doctor Brown

Cumberland Infirmary

Critical Care Medicine

Emergency Medicine and Pre-hospital Emergency Care

I graduated from the Witwatersrand University Medical School in South Africa, then undertook training in remote hospital medicine for 4 years. I subsequently moved to the UK where I undertook specialist training in Anaesthesia and Critical Care in East Anglia (working in Cambridge, Papworth, Peterborough and Norwich).

After working as a consultant in Norwich and Yarmouth for 2 years I went to run a charity my wife & I established providing remote surgical outreach camps in extremely remote places around Zambia. While in Zambia I helped establish the ICU at the teaching hospital along with the ICU nursing diploma course.

Following this I worked with the government to help establish the national ambulance service and the paramedic training college.

I returned to the UK mid 2019 to take up a consultant post here in Cumbria.

I really enjoy the beauty and quiet of Cumbria. As someone who likes remote areas I was naturally attracted to this part of the UK. One of my key motivators in life is to help people who might have access to less resources simply because they live in a more remote location. I feel I can have a greater impact serving the people in Cumbria in this regard. My interest in working with the Great North Air Ambulance helps me reach out to care for people in the most remote places in England. Working in ICU is an extremely rewarding career as we get to saves peoples lives every day.

Kindness. Having worked with, and led teams around the world I found that kindness is the backbone to all the other values. One cannot collaborate well if one is not kind and open in ones negotiation. One cannot be unkind and respectful at the same time.

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