Call me Doctor Ruth

Cumberland Infirmary

Clinical Oncology Radiotherapy and Systemic, non-surgical treatment of solid tumours) in Adults.

Head & Neck Oncology and Neuro-Oncology (Brain tumours)

I initially trained as a Medical Physicist and worked as a scientist for the NHS, in Ultrasound, developing clinical applications and providing Quality Assurance, via the Northern Regional Medical Physics Department for several years.

I then made a big move to work in Industry, for a large Medical Technology Company, in the South-East of England. As a Product Manager for Radiotherapy Products, it was thrilling to be involved in this work at a time of significant change and innovation. One of the Products I managed as part of an excellent Development and Marketing Team, won a Queen's Award for Industry. This was the Multileaf collimator, which soon became a standard part of any Radiotherapy treatment machine (Linear Accelerator) throughout the World. I learned so much and introduced openness and shared communication which helped ensure all the Products we developed would be more compatible with others, wherever they may be installed.

I left Industry to study Medicine in Sheffield. After basic training I worked there for a few years before being able to move back to Newcastle for further Junior Doctor Jobs whilst undertaking post-graduate Royal College of Physician Jobs.

I was delighted to then be accepted for Specialist Training in Clinical Oncology - in which technology and science are combined with good communication and a detailed approach - to be able to provide the non-surgical care required to treat adult patients with Cancer. This training and additional post-graduate Examinations, culminated in my becoming a Fellow of Royal College of Radiologists in 2013.

Since then I sub-specialised and was successful in becoming a Consultant in Head & Neck and Lower GI Oncology, in Devon. This was another challenging but successful time, as I was able to work with the Team there and star to deliver new Radiotherapy Techniques and develop local Services for the largely Rural Population, whilst also linking to the larger Regional Centre.

In 2016 I responded to the challenge to move and take up a similar role to help develop H&N and Neuro-Oncology Services in North Cumbria, where more Oncology development and resources were required. This matched my expertise, and so I was glad to move to be part of the team which would adapt to meet these challenges and the demand to introduce these newer Radiotherapy techniques as soon as possible.

Meeting patients and their relatives, sharing their concerns and bringing my knowledge and expertise to meet their situation.

Collaboration. Treating patients with Cancer requires close co-operation at all stages of the patient pathway, from initial diagnosis through to treatment delivery. There are so many people involved in this and without their Patient-centres support, it would not be possible to play my part.