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All the latest Coronavirus information from the Trust | 23 October 2020

Our current position

We have seen cases of COVID-19 rise over the past week and we know that the virus is still circulating in the community. It is for this reason that we all must follow the “Hands, Face, Space” guidance at all times. It is also important that we avoid travelling in and out of very high alert levels whenever we can.

Visiting still remains suspended across all hospital sites including community hospitals. It is very important that this is adhered to with the exceptions set out below:

  • For patients who are receiving end-of-life care
  • For birthing partners in maternity units
  • For parents or legal guardians in the children’s unit.

Additionally if there are exceptional clinical or social reasons why someone wants to visit this will be decided on a case-by-case basis and we would urge people to liaise directly with the senior nurse on the ward.  Visitors must be immediate family members or carers only. The Trust also has a Messages to Loved Ones service and technology available on the wards for patients to communicate with their families.

COVID-19 cases in Cumbria

The latest data for Cumbria shows new cases of COVID-19 have risen.

The latest COVID-19 update report can be found at:

There were 717 new confirmed cases in week end 16 October, up from 612 in the previous week.

Barrow continued to have the highest number of new cases at 194.

The area’s infection rate remains the highest in Cumbria and well above the national average (170/100k). Carlisle also saw a large rise in new cases compared the previous week, up from 87 to 190. A significant rise in Eden is also of concern but may be related to increased levels of testing in the district. Both areas now have an infection rate slightly higher than the national average and are being monitored closely, with consideration being given to whether further action may be required to reduce infection spread.

Annual Members' Meeting held

The Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM) of North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust and Annual General Meeting (AGM) of North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) was held jointly for the first time yesterday.

For the first time, members of the public joined a digital version of the AMM and AGM through an online platform.

Presentations outlining the achievements over the last 12 months, the current financial position, reflections on the Covid-19 pandemic and plans for the future, were uploaded before the event and members of the public had the chance to ask questions during the session.  

There were also presentations on the Annual Report and Accounts 2019/20. The meeting was held virtually online via Microsoft Teams for the first time due to social distancing restrictions. It can be watched back at:

Full answers to all questions raised at the meeting and other details of the meeting including presentations can be accessed on the Annual Members Meeting webpage at:

Answers to all questions raised at the meeting and other details are available on our website at:

Other news

Infection Prevention Week

This week is infection prevention week and all week the Trust’s infection prevention nurses are out and about helping ensure that staff, patients and visitors are fully educated in what they can do to prevent the spread of infections.

If you ask any Infection Prevention nurse they would all agree the number one thing you can do to prevent the spread of infection is wash your hands! 

The emergence of Covid-19 has led to additional important measures such as compulsory mask wearing and 2m + social distancing.

To help staff understand the new measures the Be a Champion campaign was launched. This incorporated the messages:

·         Don’t be a COVID contact to encourage social distancing;

·         Time to Clean  to encourage everyone to ensure ten minutes twice a day, on top of normal cleaning, was spent to wipe down surfaces and clean your work areas;

·         Wash your hands after everything you do;

·         Wear PPE that is appropriate for your role.