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All the latest Coronavirus information from the Trust | 18th June 2021

The latest position

In Cumbria, there were 197 new cases, an increase of 120 from 77 the previous week. South Lakeland had the greatest number of new cases, 44.  However, Eden had by far the highest rate of new cases, 75 new cases per 100k population.

Eden’s rate was just above the national average rate (73 new cases per 100k population) but below the regional average rate (192 new cases per 100k population).

Rates in all other Cumbrian districts remained below both the national and regional average rates. New cases increased from the previous week in all Cumbrian districts.

Full details are on Cumbria County Council’s website.

We have seen an extremely small rise in hospital admissions (less than 5) and those patients are being isolated.

There is growing concern that Cumbria could see a rapid rise in infections and it is very important that everyone remains vigilant. The only way the virus is transmitted is through us, we are the key to how it is spread and we are also the key to how its spread is stopped. The virus is killed easily with simple infection prevention measures such as washing your hands.  The best protection remains the vaccination programme and if you have not made a booking we would urge you to do so through the national booking team

Other news

H@N team deliver rapid improvements

The quality of the Hospital at Night (H@N) service, including experience of doctors in training at the Cumberland Infirmary, has undergone a complete transformation following significant improvements by the Hospital at Night (H@N) team.

It has led to the General Medical Council (GMC) removing the Trust’s Hospital at Night Service from enhanced monitoring following a positive recommendation by Health Education England North East (HEENE) after a recent assessment of our performance.

Learn CPR to save lives 

The recent collapse of Danish footballer Christen Eriksen at Euro 2020 demonstrated how CPR really can save lives.

Dr Louise Buchanan, a Consultant Cardiologist at North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust, has issued a reminder about the importance of learning CPR – and refreshing your first aid skills.


Diabetes Awareness Week

This week is Diabetes Awareness Week and Anne Bone, from Irthington, near Brampton, has been telling her story about how she has lived with type 1 diabetes for 60 years. Diabetes UK has awarded Anne a medal to mark her achievements of managing her condition as long as she has.

To mark Diabetes Awareness Week, Anne describes her six decade long journey with insulin and the changes she has lived through since her pre-school diagnosis in 1961 at the age of three.

WCH welcomes International recruits

The latest group of international nursing recruits have arrived in west Cumbria and are being welcomed to NCIC and our staff at the West Cumberland Hospital.

The nurses are currently undergoing training with clinical educator Tracey Tessier-Varlet and will begin working on the wards from the middle of June.

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