Chief Matron - Head of Nursing.png
Chief Matron,
Head of Nursing

Black tunic with red trim


Purple tunic with navy trim

Ward Manager - Sister - Charge Nurse - Deputy Ward manager.png
Ward Manager, Sister
Deputy Ward Manager

Dark blue dress or tunic with white trim

Female and Male Staff Nurse.png Female Health Care Assistant.png Male Health Care Assitant.png
Female and Male Nurse

Light blue dress or tunic with white trim

Female Health Care Assistant

Pale green and white stripe dress or tunic with white trim

Male Health Care Assistant

White tunic with pale green lapels

Male Ward Clerk.png Female Ward Clerk.png Physio.png
Male Ward Clerk

White polo shirt with NHS logo

Female Ward Clerk and Receptionist

Two tone lilac blouse


White tunic with navy trim

Physio Assistant.png Nurse Practitioner.png Assistant Nurse Practitioner.png
Physiotherapy Assistant

Pale blue polo short with NHS logo

Nurse Practitioner

Black tunic with white trim

Assistant Nurse Practitioner

Pale green tunic with white trim

Ocupational Health.png Female Student Nurse.png Male Student Nurse.png
Occupational Therapist

White tunic with dark green trim

Female Student Nurse

White tunic

Male Student Nurse

White tunic