The Macmillan Community Cancer Nursing team are here to support you with the long term effects of living with cancer including physical, practical, emotional and spiritual needs. We can provide health assessments if you are feeling unwell, or signpost you to other services we feel you may find useful including benefits advice, counselling and many others.

A few examples of why you might want to access the service are:

  • Are you experiencing side effects related to your previous treatment?
  • Are you looking for some counselling support?
  • Are you worried about a symptom you are currently experiencing?

We can also help you with:

  • PICC/Hickman lines and Portacaths
  • Pre-treatment blood tests
  • Pleural/Ascetic drain care
  • Nephrostomy or stoma care
  • Side effects from treatments
  • Information for families/carers
  • Nutritional support

The Macmillan Community Cancer Nursing service has been launched in partnership with the Macmillan Cancer Support and the local NHS in West Cumbria. The service supports people living with cancer in the community with tailored cancer care, support and advice with a focus on the psychological and physical impact of cancer.

Patients who are resident in West Cumbria and who are diagnosed with cancer will be contacted by the Macmillan Community Cancer Nursing team within 3 months of their diagnosis, and will be invited to a Cancer Care Review within 12 months of their diagnosis. The team will then provide ongoing support to patients in the community, working closely with GPs and the hospital team.

As the service launched in April 2021, there are some patients that we have not met yet. Therefore, if you have had a previous cancer diagnosis, you, or your family/carer, can self-refer into this service at any time, using the contact details provided. We will arrange an initial telephone conversation with you to better understand your needs, and you might have to fill in a questionnaire to help us decide which way is best to support you. Following an initial discussion, a care plan will be agreed together with you, to ensure you feel fully supported going forward. Where appropriate, the care plan will promote self-management of your concerns, to ensure you remain fully independent.

Your healthcare professional, such as your hospital Cancer Nurse Specialist (CNS) or your GP, may also arrange a referral to the Macmillan Community Cancer Nursing team. If you are referred to us by your CNS, we will invite you to a needs assessment. You may also be invited for blood tests on a regular basis. When you are referred by a healthcare professional, we will arrange a conversation directly with you and will provide you with written information to ensure you are aware of and agree to your care plan.

The types of appointments that you can expect to be invited to, as part of the service provided by the Macmillan Community Cancer Nursing team include:

  • Annual Cancer Care Reviews (up to 10 years post-diagnosis)
  • Regular blood tests for remote surveillance
  • Holistic Needs Assessments


For any queries or to self-refer into the service please contact us on:

The Macmillan Community Cancer Nursing service is led by MCCN Service Matrons.