If you’ve been referred to one of our units, you may need:

  • additional treatment that you’re not able to receive at home
  • further rehabilitation before you can return home
  • special planning to make sure you have a good support structure in place and you can return home safely e.g. adaptations may need to be made to your home
  • palliative or end of life care

When you arrive, usually by ambulance, you’ll be welcomed to the hospital and settled onto the ward. If your family or carer is with you, we’ll give them all the information they need like visiting hours and meal times. You can also get this information from our Location pages.

Once you’re settled in, you’ll be assessed by one of our nurses. You’ll also be assessed by a doctor. Our ward staff will be able to tell you when this will happen. 

Depending on your needs, you may also receive specialist therapies or treatments while you are with us.

During your stay with us, we’ll talk to you and your family or carer about how you’ll be cared for after leaving the hospital. We’ll also give you an estimate for when we think you’ll be ready to go home. If it looks like you’ll be able to leave earlier, or you’ll have to stay longer than expected, we’ll tell you in plenty of time.

Brampton Ward
Brampton War Memorial Hospital
Tree Road

01228 608345

Isel Ward
Cockermouth Community Hospital
Isel Road
CA13 9HT

01900 705776

Keswick Ward
Keswick Community Hospital
Crosthwaite Road
CA12 5PH

01768 245678

Eden Ward
Penrith Community Hospital
Bridge Lane
CA11 8HX

01768 245555

Copeland Unit
West Cumberland Infirmary
Homewood Rd
CA28 8JG

01946 524098

Ellerbeck Ward
Workington Community Hospital
Park Lane
CA14 2RW

01900 705000