removal CT scanner 3.jpgThe second phase of the programme of work to upgrade the diagnostic equipment at the Cumberland Infirmary is now well underway.

The old CT and MRI scanners from the ground floor have now been removed to make way for new scanners.

Specialist crane equipment was used to remove the huge bulk of the old scanners and work is now being undertaken to renovate the space to make way for new scanners which will be delivered in mid -April.

Jon Berry, Consultant Radiologist for North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust said: “This is really exciting, at thJon Berry.PNGe end of last year we completed phase one and opened the first new diagnostic suite on the lower ground floor of the hospital which has state of the art MRI and CT scanners as well as a dedicated room to analyse images and a better environment for staff and patients.

“Phase two is replacing the old scanners on the ground floor suite next to the A&E department. When we have the second suite up and running later this year, it will mean that we have a dedicated space for urgent and emergency scans which is separate from routine scans. That gives us much better privacy and dignity for patients and also means that urgent scans are less likely to interrupt routine scans. It also means that there will be less reliant on the mobile scanning machines.”

Removal CT scanner 1.jpgWhile work to upgrade the second suite on the ground floor is underway all in-patient and emergency CT/MR scans are taking place in the lower ground floor suite as well as all ultrasounds. While work to renovate the ground floor suite is being undertaken some scans are also being done by mobile scanners.

removal CT scanner 2.jpgThe new scanning machines are expected to be delivered mid-April and the second phase is expected to be fully operational by May 2021

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