Meena working at desk.jpgA nurse who joined NCIC from overseas has been nominated for an award.

Meena Sarangapani, who works on Elm C at the Cumberland Infirmary, has been nominated for the Overseas Nurse of the Year at the Nursing Times Workforce Summit and Awards.

The awards will be held at the Hilton London Metropole Hotel in November.

Meena joined NCIC in April last year after arriving in the UK from India.

She said: “I was working in a multi-speciality hospital back in India on the surgical and medical wards. I was also working as an associate professor in the department of psychiatry nursing in a few colleges in India. I’ve been nursing for the last 17 years.”

Meena says she loves caring for elderly people and people with psychiatry problems.

She said: “Recently I’ve been interested in dementia and wanted to build up my career within dementia nursing. My current role as an Admiral Nurse is quite challenging and I am looking forward to giving it my best shot. It’s a learning day every day and I feel contented working on this ward. I get job satisfaction every day I leave my shift.”

When Meena found out she had been nominated she said she was “super excited”.

She said: “I felt really happy for the recognition I got from the Trust, my ward manager Leanne Frame and my team mates.

"I think I have been nominated for the passion I have for my profession and maybe for the way I treat our patients with love and compassion.”

Leanne Frame, Ward Sister on Elm C, said: “I am so proud of Meena and all she has achieved and that she is part of the team on Elm C.

Meena and Leanne.jpg“The first day I met Meena she was bubbling with enthusiasm and ready to fight to fight the good fight on improving the care for those living with dementia.

“She has embraced all the changes which comes with moving and living in a different country and has educated us all on her culture. She is very supportive of her colleagues who are also from overseas and guides them through the transition.

“She is kind and compassionate and her approach with patients is lovely to see. She really is a shining star and if we had a world full of Meena’s the world would be a peaceful, happy and beautiful place.”

Beth Woodhall, Onboarding and Pastoral Support Assistant, said: “Meena has always been an engaged and enthusiastic member of our internationally trained nurses and often gives advice and support to new arrivals and shared her experience of moving to the UK. She is always happy to help the Trust improve our pastoral and Onboarding offer and attends the regional #StayAndThrive group which is focused on retention and progression for International nurses.”

The awards will be held on November 22.

Good luck Meena!