Elm C2.jpgMore pledges have been sent in from staff to tell us what they’ve been doing to help the community this Christmas.

Staff on Elm C Ward at CIC are providing more than just healthcare with ward manager Jacqueline Urquhart bringing the team together to organise donations to a local charity.

The team each brought in toys and gifts, so that they could be given to local children who might not get another gift this year.

The staff on the ward jumped at the idea and have built up a great collection of goodies that can all be given to those who may be less fortunate at Christmas.They loved the idea of being able to give back to the community, especially in these hard times.

One said: “Staff feel valued and feel that the working environment is much improved. “Jacqueline had a great idea of giving up our secret Santa and instead donating Christmas presents to families less fortunate this Christmas with a lot of people losing their jobs due to Covid-19”.

Other colleagues commented on the effect she has had on the team, one said: “Because of the nature of the ward in which we have many challenging patients, Jacqueline has been very supportive and has managed to provide more staff per shift to ensure a better working environment for staff which enables us to provide more patient centred care.”

And another said: “Jacqueline is very supportive towards students and she is willing to go above and beyond to ensure we get the time and help that we need.”

Meanwhile, the Occupational Therapy team at CIC have donated more than 40 advent calendars to the local foodbank.  

They are also collecting goodies and treats for the food bank in the run up to Christmas.

Claire Oliver-Gibson, an admin assistant at CIC, has been busy making some amazing Christmas crafts. You can see some of her creations below.

crafts pic.jpgcrafts pic2.jpgcraftspic3.jpg

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