Our governors and members work in partnership with our Board of Directors to help us to shape our services and make plans for the future.

The Board of Directors

The Board are responsible for the day to day running of the Trust. They define our vision and strategy, and are accountable for the way we run our services and spend money. We have 8 executive directors and 7 non-executive directors.

Our executive directors are responsible for the operational management of the Trust. They sit on the Board as well as being employees of the Trust.

Non-executive directors make sure the Board acts in the interests of our patients and community. They are members of the public and they're appointed for their skills and experience.

The Board works closely with our governor’s council who represent the views of our local community.


Governors are elected by our members, staff and partners to represent the needs of the local community. They work closely with our Board of Directors to shape the future of our organisation.

There are 38 governors in total. 22 are elected by our public members, 7 are elected by our staff members and 9 are elected by our partners. A governor is responsibile for:

  • representing the interests of fellow members and the local community
  • holding non-executive directors to account for the performance of the Board
  • appointing and removing the Chair and other non-executive directors of the Board
  • taking up opportunities and training to help scrutinise the work of the Trust

All governors are invited to a Governor’s Council that takes place every 2 months. These meetings are open to the public.

If you’d like to contact your local governor or ask the Governor’s Council a question call 01228 603761 or email AskYourGovernor@ncic.nhs.uk


Our members include staff, patients, patient’s families, people who live in our community and representatives from our partner organisations.

As a member you can get involved in all sorts of activities and discussions about how services can be developed and changed for the better.