If you would like to get in touch with your local governor please contact the Corporate Governance Team by email AskYourGovernor@ncic.nhs.uk or phone 01228 603761.

Public governors

Lyn RadcliffeLynda Radcliffe.png

Term ends: September 2023

I would carry on with the work of bridging the gap between the public in Allerdale and the Executives of the Trust in the same way as I did previously for the CPFT for many years; when I Chaired the Mental Health SIG and a member of the Nom Comm. 

My career was an NHS Practice Manager for over 35 years.  Then I managed a Rape Crisis Centre for over 5 years.   I am a Reader in the C of E Church and a Volunteer on several Charities including Mental Health, as well as a Dementia Champion and I am a qualified Person Centred Counsellor.  I also serve my community as a non-paid Town Councillor and am a Trustee of the Word Heritage Maryport Senhouse Roman Museum.   

I believe in equality for all, at all times. None of the volunteering I do is a paid post. I have great pride in my Cumbrian roots and have never moved more than 8 miles from my birthplace. However I have been privileged to travel to some wonderful global places.   I would like to think my volunteering contributes something to the better welfare of those who choose to live in our beautiful County.   The NHS is precious to all, and I pledge to try and make it as good as I can do through my input.    

Declaration of interests

Political Party: Labour. Financial of other interest: None.


Leslie BlacklockLeslie Blacklock.jpg

Term ends: September 2022

As a recently retired Staff Governor for CPFT I feel I can continue to play an active role in the development of Healthcare in Cumbria.

As the longstanding Chair of a Social Club in Workington as well as a Branch officer for the Unite Union, I have contributed towards our local communities over many years.

As a lifelong supporter of the NHS, I promise to uphold the best traditions of the NHS and support the future provision of NHS care for all our people.

Declaration of interests

Political Party: Labour Party. Financial of other interest: None


William MiskellyWilliam Miskelly.jpg

Term ends: September 2021

I believe that I have a singular and distinctive perspective to contribute to the Trust. My life has led me down many and varied different roads, and they have all made me who I am today. I am an objective person with empathy, which serves me well in life.

As a person who likes to keep up with current affairs, I follow the news in its numerous forms. I enjoy all forms of history and always feel to desire to increase my knowledge and expand what I know, whether that was the past, new discoveries or new perspectives that make us question the world and view it a different way. Previously, I have been involved in a myriad of voluntary projects, ranging from youth projects and social activities with the elderly, to outdoor activities for people struggling with mental health and gardening schemes for the learning and physical disabled.

The knowledge and experience that I have gained from my life should be imparted to others to hopefully help make a difference to an organisation that is at the heart of the British community. There are always lessons to be learned and always successes to be proud of. I have personal experience of the NHS, from a child's view as well as an adult. I have so much to be grateful for from NHS care, and am regularly in the system so I have an honest opinion on improvements. The NHS is an amazing social invention that should be preserved.

Declaration of interests

Political Party: None. Financial or other interest: None.

Derrick BatesDerrick Bates.jpg

Term ends: September 2023

Having worked for the NHS I am cognisant of the need to care for both patients and staff. I am also aware of the constraints inherent in the public sector. I have a drive to improve services to our patients.

Apart from a short commercial stint as an IT & Security Consultant I have been in public service since 1968. I served for 24 years in the Army, 9 years with Cumbria County Council and 9 years with the NHS as an information & cyber security officer. I am retired and enjoy reading, music, golf, our motorhome and walking. I am a voracious reader of technical journals, thrillers and science fiction.

I have many years’ experience in business and public sector organisations. I am driven to succeed and to improve processes and outcomes. I am also keen on providing guidance to individuals on career matters. If elected I would endeavour to represent, clearly and passionately, the interests of patients, their families, visitors and the healthcare community. As a public governor it is vital to remember what the role is intended to deliver. It is also important that NCIC is helped in achieving its stated goals.


Elizabeth FreemanElizabeth Freeman.png

Term ends: September 2021

Governors help the community, young to older, from mental health, children, families, specialised support services and all other services including the disabled. I would like to be involved because of the great changes at the joining of the two services.

NCIC is essential to us all in every area of our lives. We need education on the use of websites and local sites. Information on how to use them, better for everyone. Better access to buses, facilities, car parks etc. Patients can misunderstand instructions on their treatment or ignore it altogether. This is wrong for the patient and staff. Patients must ask “why” if they don’t understand or be aware that treatment is to help their recovery and help the staff involved. I’ve seen this myself having been a patient and a volunteer in the hospital and in welfare work.

Having been a patient over the last few years I am able to understand the joining together of the two Trusts. Maybe unknown to some. How will it work out? The New Board needs help of us all. This is where the Governors come in. They are the go-between the public, staff and the Board etc. Having been a Governor in the past I know how much work and time will be involved and I know that I am able to do it. Governors must have integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness and honesty for the job; do it well.


Rebecca MullinsRebecca Mullins.jpg

Term ends: September 2023

I aim to be a friend who critiques the work of the Board with care and attention to detail. A heart felt focus on improving the patient experience. A desire to keep the high levels of care consistent. Focus on cleanliness and waste management and excellence in community care.

My knowledge base is the nursing profession which focused the role I played as a carer for my disabled son.  Alongside this role, I volunteered for Healthwatch, Carlisle Refugee Action Group, Macular Society and Cumbria Parent/Carer Forum. These groups have given me an insight into the difficulties the public face with the health service. Two of the groups are county wide and give me an overview of the issues that need addressing.

The remaining groups have given me a world focus of the cultural and faith issues that can become intrinsic to a healthy outcome for the public.

As I have had a lifelong disability I am passionate about the NHS.

I have lived through and experienced what it is to be a patient. I am dedicated to getting alongside people and gleaning their experiences.  My motivating factors as mentioned above are the health and wellbeing of the public.  My health studies degree course enhanced my interest in health promotion. This core principal should be the watch words co-production and working together to gain a better outcome for the people we care about in the community.

Keith AmeyKeithAmey.png

Term ends: September 2023

During a further term I would like to concentrate on improving public engagement. I have recently set up an Engagement Special Interest Group to consider how governors can achieve maximum impact by informing, consulting and engaging the public. It is also my wish to work on opportunities offered by tele-health.

A Chartered Engineer and Company Director with a background in hi-tech innovation, company trouble shooting and change management, I have worked for British Rail, British Aerospace, Sellafield, Thorn and the former Department of Trade and Industry.

I love the local people and the stunning scenery. In addition to my NHS role as deputy lead governor for NCIC FT, I belong to many community organisations including the U3A and my local Residents’ Association. I attend an astronomy group, ring bells, participate in a French twinning and am a member of CAMRA. Fell walking and theatre visits occur as often as possible.

Many organisations deserve our support, but I believe the NHS must top the agenda, which is why I currently serve on diverse social healthcare committees and partnership groups.

Being a governor provides the contacts and opportunities to promote the public voice in shaping health and social care services.

Owing to Cumbria’s geography and rurality we need county-specific ways to provide optimum healthcare near people’s homes. My interest and work in tele-health can help minimise travel and allow patients to control their own medication. Tele-health can also speed diagnosis and allow treatment and monitoring at, or close to, home.


Kerry-Ann ListerKerry ann lister.png

Term ends: September 2021

I’ve been an active Governor for several years.  This has given me a good knowledge and understanding of services within the Trust.  I have a particular interest in the well-being of patients on hospital wards, their carers and families, health and safety, cleanliness and the overall appearance of the wards.

I volunteer for Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner and Howgill Family Centre.  This enables me to work with a variety of people from different backgrounds, which I do so with ease.  I am passionate about working with people in the local community, and I have a lot of patience, understanding and great listening skills.  I am a strong person who very much focuses on the job, and I am an organised and disciplined person who is able to focus to the best of my ability.

I enjoy living in Cumbria, and I love walking in our countryside and Lake District.

I have been a carer for a family member for many years and understand the importance of excellence in care for patients and their families.  I am committed to my role as a Governor, and I have excellent communication skills and can build up a rapport with others.  I am used to dealing with the public and patients in the NHS and I understand person centred values.  I am approachable with a personable manner.  I listen carefully and work well in a team. I have the ability and professional manner to represent the Trust to the highest standard.


Carole WoodmanCaroles.png

Term ends: September 2021

I have served previously as a public Governor for CPFT. Involved in WCCF, the Success Regime and West Cumbria Voice for Health Care. My understanding of the challenges facing both Trusts in our rural healthcare system would continue to help me make an effective contribution as Governor.

I run a small farm with my husband and younger son in the St Bees valley. We have 3 other children and 3 grandchildren. We have an adopted son with learning difficulties, CMT and type 1 diabetes. I am interested in young people ensuring they have the best start in life. We have previously fostered children from 2-16. I set up an independent youth club in Egremont; registered charity Egremont Youth Partnership with a special session for young people aged 16 + with Learning difficulties. I'm currently a member of the SEND improvement workshops and reference group as a parent/carer.

I have valuable experience from the groups I have been involved with and my own personal experiences. I am particularly interested in improving the engagement between members of the public, Governors and the Trust Board. I have been able to raise issues on patients’ behalf and contribute to the important discussions taking place.  I feel I can make a difference and work with community groups and professionals to do the best we can with our limited resources. Working with community groups and involving patients is the way forward. Currently trying to re-establish Joint League of Friends for WCH.

Declaration of interests

Political Party: Labour. Financial of other interest: None.

David PollittDavid Pollitt.png

Term ends: September 2022

I’ve been a service user for a number of years and a Governor since 2014. I’ve experienced the ups and downs of how services are delivered. I use this experience to help ensure there are more ups than downs for people that will use the Trust’s services in the future.

As a governor, I was involved with Cumbria Partnership’s learning disability biannual audit programme, visiting and auditing services with the aim of improving access for people with learning disabilities and sharing best practice. I was awarded a certificate by the Trust in recognition of my work in this area.

I was involved with work for the Accessible Information Standard (AIS) and was a member of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) representative group. 

I'm a committed Christian and in my spare time I enjoy music and watching films.

I am particularly interested in improving the aftercare of patients following hospital stays and how they are supported. This will be particularly important after the Covid-19 Pandemic and I want to play my part in ensuring that the Trust supports those who have been affected by the Coronavirus and that all patients continue to receive the support they need in the future.

I provide a patient’s perspective and bring an open and honest approach that I hope people value.


Mike TaylorMike Taylor.png

Term ends: September 2023

25 years in non-Executive roles in the NHS have given me a good understanding of its challenges, constraints and opportunities. I now also have a better grass roots perspective from my two years as a Governor, work with third sector health providers and being a carer this year.

My working life has been in the private sector (Shell), public sector (FE, NHS, Government agencies) and the third sector (Chair of a Homeless charity and of Cumbria’s 3rd sector Network, Trustee of CVS and Citizens’ Advice and Cumbria County President of St John Ambulance). Have lived in Cumbria since 2008 and for 5 years ran a very successful B&B and holiday self catering barn. Have also had long involvement with the Army Reserves, and currently chair the Cumbria Armed Forces Covenant Partnership. I have spent much of this year caring for my partner suffering from terminal cancer.

A governor has an important role in terms of holding the Trust Board to account and in raising issues of concern about service delivery. The opportunity to draw on one’s own experiences and those of others in the community to seek better services for us all is the main motivation. From March to September this year caring for my partner during terminal cancer I have also seen and experienced first-hand both the strengths and the weaknesses of the local system thus broadening and deepening my understanding about how services are currently being delivered.


Jacqueline NicolJNicol.png

Term ends: September 2023

I will continue as an active governor, representing our community, using the experience and knowledge that I gained from visiting various medical facilities, etc. I am a good listener and able to absorb and use technical information at meetings.

A qualified librarian, most of my career was in management in the voluntary sector, advising those in need of support and assistance. I have been a school governor. For many years I was a Community First Responder, qualified to use enhanced skills with patients. I now undertake voluntary roles including Vice Chair of Citizens Advice Carlisle and Eden, an independent custody visitor, an animal welfare visitor at Police kennels, an influencer on NWAS patient and public panel, and a panel member and chair of school admission and exclusion panels. I have various kinds of rescued animals.

Partly as a result of family experience, I am keen to see ever improving standards in medical care and patient welfare. At every opportunity, I obtain the views of patients and those involved in their care, which I feed back to the responsible people in the trust and then watch for progress where necessary. Also, I am anxious to encourage and support those providing care to ensure that they have the facilities that they need and feel that the work that they are doing is appreciated. I am active on committees and take an active part in meetings.


Christopher KennChristopher Kenn.jpg

Term ends: September 2022

I have worked for many years in the field of mental illness. The recognition of the psychological needs of service users with physical illness remains a priority. This is integrated healthcare. I would strongly support the continuing development of this inclusive model of care within NCIC.

I have just retired from the NHS after working as a consultant psychiatrist for 34 years. In the last 8 years as the Consultant on the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit at the Carleton Clinic in Carlisle.

I am a service user under the care of the neurology and urology departments within NCIC. As a patient and a clinician I am very aware of the difficulties faced by the residents of North Cumbria when trying to access local healthcare provision.

I strongly believe in the values of the NHS. I have seen the commitment of the staff and the quality of care they strive to provide even in the most difficult times. I have a detailed understanding of the structures and functions of management within NHS Trusts. I will actively try to support NCIC in its mission to provide the best possible care to residents of North Cumbria it serves. I will also have no difficulty in raising the concerns of public members or the public in general with the Senior Managers of NCIC.

Stephen Newton

Term ends: September 2022

I have achieved a lot over the past 6 years as a public governor for CPFT attending Board, Council, members meetings and listening events.  I have used these for training purposes to help educate myself in this role.  I have raised issues and questions at the Board and Council meetings.      

I have raised questions and issues to the Board and Governors Council that are important to me and to the people of Furness.  I work with three organisations in Furness; MIND, Love Barrow Families and the Barrow Men's Group and I have been asked to raise debate on medication.  I work closely with MIND to help people with mental health issues to try to improve and help themselves to get well.

I had epilepsy when I was young and was on medication for a lot of years and was pleased when I was advised that I was clear of epilepsy.

I bring a lot of benefits and knowledge from my role as public governor and I would like to do more mental health training to support myself and others in my area. I recently passed the Walk Leaders course and am now a fully qualified Walk Leader for Active Cumbria and I also recently achieved Safeguarding Level 1 certificate.



George ButlerG Butler.png

Term ends: September 2022

I already have 7 years’ experience as a public governor with Hospital Trusts and been involved in the evolution of a Trust supporting integrated care. My focus is the provision of best care for patients and their carers and to ensure the Trust has systems in place to provide this.    

I have strong associations with healthcare in Cumbria having trained as a nurse at the Cumberland Infirmary, and held Director of Nurse Education and Vice Principal posts in South Cumbria and Lakeland College of Nursing and Midwifery respectively. I have a Masters Degree (Distinction) in Community and Health Ethics, which gives me the confidence to speak up for patients when healthcare decisions are being made. I have thirteen years’ experience as a Magistrate, chairing in both Family and Adult courts, tutoring with the Open University, and working as an Independent Member of Eden District Council.          

My entire working life was in health care, both in nursing and nurse education, and I therefore have a great deal of experience in dealing with health related issues. I have worked for 7 years as a public governor, four of these as a Deputy Lead Governor so I have been actively involved in a range of issues following the move to Partnership Trusts. My motivation is to try and ensure optimal care for patients within a system that provides support for its staff. We must try and end the dreadful bullying and harassment associated with the modern NHS.

David CrouchleyDavid Crouchley.jpg

Term ends: September 2023

I have served the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as a Public Governor and as I live in Cumbria, I feel that I can use my skills as a Public Governor for NCIC. I promise to do all I can for the Constituency.

I am a semi-retired Methodist Minister. I have lived in Cumbria since 1987. I have served as a Chaplain at Furness General Hospital, Penrith Hospital and the Cumberland Infirmary, I also was the Chaplain of the Eden Valley Hospice for almost 10 years. I am deeply committed to the NHS and feel many of us have a renewed pride in all that the NHS has done for us through the current pandemic. I serve on a number of local and national committees. I am married with two children and two grandchildren.

I have had four and a half years’ experience of being a Public Governor. I feel that I now understand how the NHS operates, its challenges and its difficulties, but also the many excellent things it achieves. I enjoy being a volunteer and I currently drive a bus for the Western Dales bus, we operate a bus service linking many remote rural communities together. I have considerable experience of sitting on various committees and I am willing to speak out for things that are important to the Trust and its constituents. I am proud to serve the NHS.

Derek SeberDerek Seber.png

Term ends: September 2023

As an existing governor I have made many contributions to the work of the Trust. I have attended most meetings and have been a member of the advisory committee and have visited Trust sites to see what we are doing to enable our service users to get the best treatment.

At 13 served on sail Training Ship 1956-58. Joined Royal Navy at 15 for 12 years. Went to Oak Hill theological college London. Ordained priest 1974 in Manchester Collyhurst. From there various parish priest/vicar/rector in Radcliffe, Hulme, Moss Side, Cheetham Hill till 1997 then to Thornton Hough as vicar till 2008. Involved in the creation of many inner city and rural projects from credit unions to scarecrow festivals.  Onetime Chair Unilever Research Ethics Committee. Retired but active as priest in Hornby Lancashire and governor with NCIC. Writer of short stories for children. MA and MPhil Manchester.

As a NHS Trust governor for nearly 20 years in Cheshire and Lancashire I have a long experience of working to improve services. My drive to do this comes from my own personal experiences as a patient and a carer of a person for some years who suffered from mental illness. As a pensioner in my 70s I am now strongly motivated to work to improve services for elderly and vulnerable adults. During lockdown I have written about my recent time in hospital and developed ideas for remote diagnosis for isolated rural patients. Close family members work on NHS frontline.



Staff governors

Chris FlemingChris Fleming.png

Term ends: September 2023

As a staff governor I will attend meetings and feedback to staff. I will have sit in session to feed back to staff and listen to issues.

The recent merger means that front line staff need to have a voice in higher management.

I have worked at The WCH for nearly 30 years as a student, staff nurse and now clinical endoscopist, performing nearly 1000 procedures a year.

I was a shadow staff governor when we were last heading for foundation trust status with Northumbria.

I was heavily involved in the implementation and design of the endoscopy unit at WCH.

I am a keen musician and enjoy playing golf socially, walking my springer spaniel and spending time with my family.

Previously as a shadow governor I was instrumental in helping implement management wall chart with names faces and contact details of line managers, so staff could see the line of management and a version of this still exists in the trust.

I was surprised previously that as a staff governor I was able to listen and discuss issues with higher management and I was able to question issues that were raised and sometimes questioned some statements made to clarify positions that I will feedback at sit in sessions in the local hospital etc.

Clare FranceClareFranceStaffGov.jpg

Term ends: September 2022

Within my role with North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust one of my key responsibilities is keeping staff safe at work. I am passionate about effective risk management and feel I could make a significant contribution with my knowledge of the legislative framework and statutory requirements.

I am a Copeland resident who enjoys spending time with my husband and 3 children (and two crazy dogs!). I have been a Trustee for the Whitehaven Sea Cadets for nearly two years and help with decision making and fundraising opportunities. The Whitehaven Harbour Youth Project do so much for our children in the local community and I try to stay involved and volunteer/support the Project where I can.

I enjoy flower arranging in my spare time and preparing wedding flowers/bouquets. I have created bespoke arrangements for weddings all over Cumbria and have done for about 10 Years.

It would be a great opportunity to work with other Governors and management to meet and put actions in place to help with the challenges the NHS faces. I am passionate about our NHS and the national institution that we stand for. 

I feel I could bring a different perspective to the board from a Health and Safety point of view which in turn would help ensure the Trust fulfils its legal obligations, and will support the future strategy of shaping our NHS.

Rachael MarrsRachael Marrs.jpg

Term ends: September 2023

I want to be a readily available ear to my colleagues when they have issues or ideas. I want to collaborate with them and ensure that we, as a body are heard. I want to be able to raise questions and get answers and resolutions to feedback to my colleagues.

I have worked in the Trust for eight years as a nurse, after completing my training here. I have worked at both the Cumberland infirmary and here at the West Cumberland. I have two children, two cats and one husband (which take up a lot of my free time!) In my spare time I enjoy baking, and my colleagues enjoy eating it! I really enjoy running and being out in the fresh air with the kids on our bikes.

I want to make sure that North Cumbria has a healthcare system for the future that we're proud of. I want to get a better idea of the bigger picture. Often, we are concerned with our own small role and we don't necessarily get involved in decision making. I want every staff member to be able to have a good idea of what is the bigger picture and how that impacts their job, future and professional goals.

Deborah BergDeb berg.png

Term ends: September 2023

As a staff governor of North Cumbria Integrated NHS foundation Trust I would actively engage with the various staff I would be representing to ensure the very real challenges they face on a daily basis are heard and addressed in order to both improve patient care and staff wellbeing.

I was born in Yorkshire and spent some of my childhood in Africa. I completed my physiotherapy degree in Newcastle and have worked in the NHS for over 20 years, in five different trusts in acute and community settings.

I moved to Cumbria in 2002. I am married with 3 children and a dog!! In my spare time I enjoy going for walks with our dog and having adventures in the lakes for with friends and family. I love music and singing (just ask my team!!) and am actively involved in our local church where I oversee the music.

I am standing for election as a staff governor because I feel it is crucial that the opinions and experiences of our staff in this trust are heard in order to positively shape the future of local healthcare provision. Our workforce is vast and diverse and with that comes immense potential to create exceptional teams.

I firmly believe that if staff are truly known and valued for who they are as individuals and allowed to use the unique strengths that they bring to a team, then they will both gain more fulfilment from their job and provide quality services.


Neil RacherNeilRacherStaffGov.jpg

Term ends: September 2022

I will make myself available for all Governor activities to ensure I can ask questions\query decisions to ensure we North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS FT are doing the best we can for Patients and Staff.

I am married with a daughter at primary school.  My wife, daughter and I moved to Cumbria 7 years ago for a better quality of family life, which we are achieving.

My working career started in the private sector working in Thomas Cook then American Express before deciding to move into the NHS, where I wanted to use my non clinical skills to help clinical staff have more time with patients.  I have now worked in the NHS for 14 years starting at Doncaster NHS Foundation Trust to Cumbria Partnership and now in North Cumbria Integrated Care.

My reasons for standing for Governor are that I believe in the NHS and what it stands for, though it needs to change to meet the both modern and traditional patient needs, young and old.  We have a chance to do this in North Cumbria, now we have joined as one Foundation Trust. I have the luxury of working in the organisations that also treats my long term condition so have feasibility from both sides.

Madhusudhan VarmaM Varma.jpg

Term ends: September 2023

I have knowledge, experience, credentials and training to be an effective spokesperson for staff and local community. I value the contributions made by every member of the team and work constructively to promote the Trust - with its values and behaviours. I can bring professional voice to corporate governance.

I am an Interventional Cardiologist who passionately believes in better patient care and outcomes. I have local and national level experience in representing patients' and staff voice in committees. My personal objective so far has been to keep the agenda of delivering a dedicated multi lab Heart centre worthy for Cumbrians - at least on par with regional centres. I chair a Cumbria Heart patient forum to keep patient's voice heard. I am an outdoor person, encourage everybody to enjoy the countryside actively to remain healthy. I strongly believe in doing the right thing at the right time for the right purpose.

I am keen to be the voice of the wider community as I truly understand the issues faced by staff. I am bold and able to represent staff members' interests. I have an excellent track record in supporting staff in our department working towards their well-being - at the same time driving the quality of care provided to our patients. I am passionate about maintaining work life balance of every individual. I care about improving provision of health services. I look forward to using my knowledge, experience and skills to provide appropriate challenge and support to the Board's processes.

Governor vacancy

Would you like to help shape our health services? We’re looking for a staff governor to represent Furness and South Lakeland. To find out more about becoming a staff governor and to discuss current vacancies, call our Governor Support Officer Harriet Mouat on 01228 603761 or email harriet.mouat@ncic.nhs.uk 


Partner governors

Alison HampsonAJ Hampson.png

University of Cumbria

Term ends: April 2023

I am Head of Department for Health, Psychology and Social Studies at the University of Cumbria. I joined the university in 2002 after working in the NHS for nearly 20 years.

I worked as an Occupational Therapist in Dumfries, Glasgow and Carlisle and gained experience of working with individuals with occupational performance issues caused by their medical, neurological, surgical, orthopaedic and age-related conditions.

I have significant leadership and management experience and have also worked as a medical researcher and a research therapist.

My role as a governor enables me to suggest ways the University of Cumbria can support the Trust, as well as being a voice for Allied Health Professionals.

As one of the largest providers of healthcare professionals in the North West, the University aims to enrich the lives of individuals and communities and raise aspirations in Cumbria to ensure that local residents value health and care roles. The university provides local opportunities to become health and care professionals with programmes to become nurses, midwifes, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, paramedics and radiographers, as well as continuing professional development opportunities.

I am currently studying for my Doctor of Education (EdD) at Strathclyde University and I’m due to complete it in September 2020.

Qualifications and memberships:

MSc, PgD, PgCE, BA (Hons), DipCOT, SFHEA
Member of the Council of Occupational Therapy Education Directors
Member of the Council of Deans of Health and a member of the Council’s Regulation Advisory Group
Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council as an Occupational Therapist
Professional member of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists

I currently hold 2 external examiner posts and have been an external expert for numerous university validation events around the UK:

BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy programme at the University of East Anglia
BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy programme at Queen Margaret's University

I am a Royal College of Occupational Therapists pre-registration programme accreditor.


James PorterJames Porter.png

League of Friends

Term ends: April 2022

I moved to Cumbria from Oxfordshire in 2016. I’ve always been passionate about health. I am a founding trustee of 2 charities, 1 about education and young people; the other about health and the environment. I have also served in different capacities for many other charity and voluntary organisations.

Previously I’ve been a governor at a special needs school where I had several responsible for:

  • Chairing the Assets and Resources Committee
  • health and safety
  • asset maintenance
  • renewal and capital projects

I have also been a governor at a secondary school where I served on the finance, curriculum and HR committees.

I was a local councillor for 8 years, chairing the planning committee for 4 years and then the policy committee for 3 years as Leader of the Council. I was a town mayor from 2009 to 2010. I’m a Rotarian and I also belong to the Brampton Memorial Hospital League of Friends and I’m Director Trustee at Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw.

Although I’m now retired, I run my own business working with students of all ages who have either fallen behind or need an extra push. I also offer coaching and mentoring to start-up and small business. I have a degree in Education and post graduate diplomas in National and International Management and Business Excellence and Performance.

As governor, I’m passionate and committed to providing high quality community medical services to meet the needs of local people, as close to where they live as possible.