What is a video clinic?

A video clinic is the same as any other clinic where a patient may see a doctor or a nurse, but instead of face to face, the consultation will take place over a live video link that is private, secure and confidential. The video consultation is not recorded. All you'll need to have is access to a smartphone, tablet or computer with a webcam, and a good internet connection.

Why are we doing this?

Video clinics will allow us to support patients via a confidential and user friendly digital platform, easily accessible across the county. Using Attend Anywhere, saves you from the inconvenience of having to come to the hospital for an appointment.

Test if your equipment is compatible button before your appointment date so that any problems can be addressed. Click the ‘Test call’ button to test your connection speed, speakers, microphone, and video.

Test your equipment

If all are OK, please close your web browser until your appointment date and then follow the instructions below.

If during the test, you discover that your equipment is not suitable or you do not have the equipment, please contact the Contact Centre on 0344 77 60003 and advise that you will not be able to have a video consultation. You will be offered an alternative i.e. telephone appointment.

At the time and date of your appointment, please visit https://nhs.vc/ncic-reception *and ensure you open this in Google Chrome or Safari.* After a short equipment test, your call will be answered by a receptionist. The receptionist will confirm who you are and will transfer the call to your consultant. Once answered, the receptionist will leave you to continue your confidential discussion with your consultant.

If you're having difficulties please use this troubleshooting guide


Support Services for Domestic Abuse Victims

If you are in danger call 999 immediately. If you want to make a non-urgent report or need advice please call 101, email 101@cumbria.police.uk or fill in the online reporting form here.

If you or someone you know is concerned about a domestic abuse victim, victim support can be contacted on 0300 303 0157,  Or, you can report domestic violence safety and anonymously online at www.notinmyhome.co.uk.