• autism
  • autistic spectrum disorders
  • cerebral palsy
  • developmental impairment
  • Down’s syndrome
  • complex neuro-developmental disorder
  • physical disabilities

We can also help with:

  • children in special schools who need medication or other treatments during the day
  • medical advice for Education Health Care Plans
  • safeguarding children

The first appointment usually takes 1 hour. We’ll examine your child, watch them play and ask you some questions about their history. We might also do something called a developmental assessment. This will give us an idea about your child’s strengths and difficulties.

Together with you, we’ll make a plan about how best to help your child. This might involve them being referred to other services for more assessments or extra support, such as:

We might also arrange for you to have a review appointment with us, so we can to see how you’re both getting on.

What is this about?

The Community Paediatrics Department are working with patients to get a better understanding
of how to improve health services using technology. Several health services around the world
are already using video clinics successfully, and we want to continue to learn and develop how
best to use them in Cumbria.

Why are we doing this?

The Community Paediatrics Department video clinics will allow us to support patients via a confidential and user friendly digital platform, easily accessible across the county.

What do I need to do?

To test if your equipment is compatible, please go to the virtual NCIC reception. Please do
this before your appointment date so that any problems can be addressed.

If during the test, you discover that your equipment is not suitable or you do not have the
equipment, please contact the admin hub in your location and advise that you will not be able
to have a video consultation. You will be offered an alternative i.e. telephone appointment.
At the time and date of your appointment, please visit virtual NCIC reception *and
ensure you open this in Google Chrome or Safari.*

After a short equipment test, your call will be answered by a receptionist. The receptionist will
confirm who you are and will transfer the call to your consultant. Once answered, the receptionist
will leave you to continue your confidential discussion with your consultant.

What is a video clinic?

A video clinic is the same as any other clinic where a patient may see a doctor or a nurse, but
instead of face to face, the consultation will take place over a live video link that is private, secure
and confidential. The video consultation is not recorded.
Is there anything different when seeing the clinician using a video clinic? The only difference when using live video is that you are not in the same room. As a way of communicating with people, it is no different from the way people use video messaging on their computers and smart phones every day. When you see a consultant through the video clinic everything else is the same, you will talk about the same things, make the same plans, get the same advice and come to an agreement on treatment and care planning, and everyone that needs to be informed will be.

To book a video consultation, or ask for further information, please contact the admin hub in your location:

  • Kendal: 01539 718150
  • Barrow: 01229 409628

Please note *The link for your appointment is: https://nhs.vc/ncic-reception *Please ensure you open this in Google Chrome or Safari*

Confidentiality and Data Protection

‘The Trust’s vision is to keep your information safe in our hands.’ We promise to use your information fairly and legally, and in-line with local and national policies. You have a right to understand how your information is used and you can request a copy of the information we hold about you at any time.

For further information contact the Information Governance Team on 01228 608998 or email Information.Governance@ncic.nhs.uk.

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