The Trust provides a wide range of policies to support staff in their everyday lives which set out the necessary guidance for decision making and the associated processes.

At NCIC, everyone is equal. We recognise the need to tackle discrimination and promote equality. We do everything we can to ensure all our policies:

  • do not discriminate
  • promote equality
  • address the diverse needs of individuals
  • ensure human rights are upheld
  • ensure fair treatment
  • protect dignity

Policy templates and guidance document (only available to staff)

This document includes:

  • policy templates
  • guidance on how to use the policy template
  • details of policy approval routes
  • policy approval flowchart
  • top Tips for Policy Authors
  • FAQs

Please note that the information in italics in the policy template is for author guidance only and should be removed once you have completed the information.

If you're unsure of the process to follow within any policy, speak to your line manager before contacting the policy author or accountable director.

If you are unsure of the arrangements for managing policies, email the policy help desk on

If you require written communication e.g. appointment letters, clinic outcome letters, including any of our publications, to be translated into another language or format, such as Braille, large print or audio, contact:

Patient Experience Team by emailing