• feeding or swallowing difficulties
  • problems learning the ‘rules’ of conversation
  • problems putting words and sentences together
  • problems saying certain sounds
  • problems understanding what other people say
  • problems with being understood
  • stammering
  • understanding and using body language and eye contact
  • voice problems

If your child has been referred to us, we’ll set up an appointment with you both for an assessment. This might take place in your child’s nursery or school, your home or at a local clinic. During the appointment, we’ll discuss your child’s history and any concerns you have.

We’ll also do some assessments with your child. This might involve:

  • playing games
  • looking at books or pictures
  • having a conversation

If your child is having difficulties with feeding or swallowing, we might spend some time with you both at meal time. 

Together with you, we’ll make a plan about how best to help your child. This might involve:

  • individual or group therapy for your child
  • coaching and advice so you can help your child at home
  • coaching and advice for a Support Assistant to help your child in school

You might also get invited to appointments for:

  • a follow up to see how they’re getting on
  • an assessment for specialist equipment

Your child will only be discharged from this service when we all agree that:

  • their therapy goals have been met or
  • they are able to develop their skills with the help of their family and school

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