Attend Anywhere

This service offers video consultations using Attend Anywhere. This means your consultation can take place from your own home using a secure website. 

  • asthma
  • bronchiectasis
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • cough
  • interstitial lung disease and pulmonary fibrosis
  • lung cancer and mesothelioma
  • lung infection including tuberculosis (TB)
  • pulmonary hypertension
  • pleural disease including pleural effusion, empyema and pneumothorax
  • obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome
  • thromboembolic disease including pulmonary embolism
  • unexplained breathlessness and dysfunctional breathing

If you’re referred to our service, you’ll usually have assessment with one of our specialists. During the appointment we’ll discuss your medical history, family history, current medication and any symptoms you have.

Depending on your symptoms, you may need to go for tests and investigations such as:

  • allergy tests
  • blood tests
  • chest X-ray
  • phlegm tests
  • a bronchoscopy – where a narrow flexible tube with a camera is passed into your airways
  • a CT scan – so we can get a detailed picture of your body
  • a lung function test – for people experiencing breathing problems
  • a respiratory muscle test – to assess respiratory muscle strength

If you’ve been referred with suspected sleep apnoea, you may be given devices that check your breathing and heartbeat while you sleep. You'll be asked to wear these overnight so doctors can check for signs of sleep apnoea.

Once we’ve assessed you, we’ll invite you back for another appointment to discuss your results and diagnosis in detail. We’ll go through your options for treatment and together we’ll decide on a treatment plan tailored to your needs. This might include:

  • advice and education to reduce your symptoms and improve your health
  • physical therapy
  • a change to your medication or inhalers
  • new medications and inhalers
  • equipment to wear while you sleep
  • surgery or a lung transplant

We may also refer you to other services such as:

Cumberland Infirmary
01228 814142 or 814063

West Cumberland Hospital
01946 523007