Attend Anywhere

This service offers video consultations using Attend Anywhere. This means your consultation can take place from your own home using a secure website. 


Walk in repair sessions at Carlisle are currently suspended due to COVID-19, patients are required to telephone the department on 01228 814422 for all enquiries (including requests for batteries and consumables to be posted out to them).

We can provide treatment and support if you have any of these conditions:

  • hearing loss
  • communication problems
  • tinnitus

We can also help you with:

If you're referred to Audiology, we'll invite you in for an assessment. We’ll ask you a few questions about your hearing and any related conditions you might have. You might have to do a few different hearing tests during your appointment.

We’ll go through your options in detail and decide on the best treatment. You can read more about the different types of treatment for hearing loss here.

If you need a hearing aid, we might take an impression of your ear to make custom ear mould. You’ll come back at a later date to try your new hearing aid and make sure you’re happy with it. We’ll also show you how to use and look after your hearing aid.

You might also get invited to appointments for:

  • adjusting your hearing aid
  • a follow up to see how you’re getting on
  • rehabilitation if you need extra support
  • hearing aid repairs

If you need help with hearing aid repairs or maintenance, you can visit our open access clinic at the Cumberland Infirmary Monday to Friday, from 2pm to 4.30pm. You do not need an appointment to come to this clinic.

For help with hearing aids outside of these times, or at any of our other locations, you must make an appointment.

Audiology Department

Cumberland Infirmary

Yellow Zone

01228 814422