Since the beginning of the pandemic the local NHS has been innovative and adapted services in a way that suits patients’ needs.

Video consultations – where the consultant meets the patients in their own homes over a video link – are now in place across a wide range of specialisms and in 2021 more than 7000 appointments have taken place virtually.

Dr Denis Burke, Consultant Physician, said: “Cumbria Health on Call in partnership with North Cumbria Integrated Care and North Cumbria CCG have been providing a video consultation service for patients across a wide range of clinical specialities since February 2019. The use of the video consultation service has grown rapidly over the course of the Covid pandemic and has meant clinicians have been able to retain contact visually with their patients throughout these challenging times.”

“This is an area that we will continue to develop as we have the capacity to expand out virtual consultation facilities for patients.”

To enhance the video consultation experience for patients and clinicians, CHoC offers a virtual receptionist service which provides a service similar to what patients would expect in a clinic setting.

Hannah Mason, Executive Director of Operations at CHoC, added: “Patients enter a virtual waiting area with the link provided to them when making their appointment, they are welcomed by a virtual receptionist, who is a member of the CHoC team. The virtual receptionist will then verify the patient’s details and trouble-shoot any video or sound quality issues. The patient is then transferred to the clinician at their appointment time.”

“I found it to be a massive time saver for the patient, especially if the patient is unable to leave the house due to illness or physical status. Also massive advantage with infection, prevention and control.”

“The experience made it easier for me and was also a method of contact I found was better suited for the type of appointment as my child was in an area she felt confident and comfortable.”

“This is an excellent service safe and effective especially for individuals who are unlikely to seek urgent care when they do not have the facilities to get to an appointment i.e. money, childcare. Also means less face to face appointments lessens the spread of Covid 19.”

You can attend your remote consultation using any electronic device including work or personal laptops, smartphones and tablets and needs no additional software. It works across all common internet browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Edge.

There is a support team available to help with any problems prior to or during a video call. 

A one minute video explaining the process:

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