There are water fountains located in the main entrance and on Isel Ward.

Lower ground floor

Free wifi is available for patients and visitors. To connect, choose NHS Wi-Fi in your network settings. Read our wifi FAQs to find out more.

If you’re staying at Cockermouth Community Hospital, you’ll have access to your own personal freeview TV and radio.

Isel Ward, lower ground floor

There’s a comfortable Day Room for inpatients to use on the Isel Ward. The room contains a TV, radio and a collection of books.


  • Breakfast 7am to 8am
  • Lunch 11.30pm to 1pm
  • Dinner 4.45pm to 5.45pm


If you’re staying at Cockermouth Community Hospital, you can order 3 meals a day plus snacks. Healthy options and a choice of vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, halal and kosher options are on the menu. Tea, coffee and snacks are served throughout the day.

If you miss a meal, biscuits, toast and sandwiches can be requested at any time. Just let the ward staff know you’re hungry.

Our local chaplain holds a service on the ward every Sunday. You can also ask your own priest, imam or minister to visit you in hospital.

A Faith Box containing books, prayer and spiritual resources is available to all inpatients. Ask ward staff if you’d like to look through it.

Isel Ward

There are 2 wheelchair accessible courtyards with seating available for everyone to use.

Cockermouth Community Hospital is a smoke free site. This means there’s no smoking allowed anywhere on the property. This includes outside entrances and in our car parks and grounds. The smoking ban applies to everyone.

If you’re an inpatient, you can get a temporary nicotine replacement. You can also use e-cigarettes and vapes outside the hospital, if you stand 10 metres away from the building.

If you’d like help to quit smoking, support is available. Visit to find out more.