NCIC held its second Healthcare Assistant recruitment day last month.

Recruitment day 4.jpgThe successful event in Carlisle saw the recruitment of 41 healthcare assistants and 3 apprentice healthcare social workers in just one day.

The new appointments will be based across the organisation, including at West Cumberland Hospital, Cumberland Infirmary and in community hospitals.

Jill Foster Chief Nurse, said:

“We have recently invested £3.8m in our permanent nurse and healthcare assistant workforce which has enabled us to recruit to a large number of vacancies at once. I am really pleased that we have been able to appoint so many healthcare assistants, who will be absolutely valuable to our growing our team and will make such a big difference to our patients and our staff.”

Amanda Dunkley, Assistant Director People Services, said:

“I am really pleased with how this second recruitment and assessment day has gone and we’ve been able to appoint even more roles than we did previously. I am really keen to continue this interactive format to recruit staff as we’ve had so much good feedback and we’re already in planning stages for the next one.”

Becoming a healthcare assistant can also be the first step to a nursing career. The nursing degree apprenticeship is a route that can be taken to gain the nursing qualification while still working and gaining hands on experience.

NCIC has supported 54 nurses through their apprenticeship so far, with more to graduate next year. We are also supporting our first cohort of apprentice midwives.

If you’re looking for the right role for you at NCIC, you can find all of our current vacancies over on our website: