Doctor Dallas stands alongside transplant hero Becky Seaton and her son. Brave transplant hero Becky Seaton, 37, from Scotby, has won two gold medals at the British Transplant Games in Newport.

Following a successful simultaneous kidney and pancreas organ transplant in January 2016, Becky strived to keep herself as fit and healthy as possible and has worked hard to maintain her fitness through running, gym workouts and archery.

Becky is also part Newcastle Adults Transplant team and through this signed up to compete in the British Transplant Games in which she won a gold medal in the 100m sprint and archery categories at this year’s games.

Becky said:

“I am over the moon with my achievements and taking part in the transplant games has been a great way celebrate the gift of life after having my organ transplant.

“I have always tried to make every effort to keep myself as fit and healthy as possible post-transplant so that I can look after my precious gift of life the best I can and do my donor and his family proud.

“I trained really hard for the games by training twice a week with Border Harriers athletic club which is fantastic, the coaches and other members have been extremely supportive. I have also joined Carlisle archery club and I go out running two or three times a week on my own as well as going to the gym.

“Competing in the British Transplant Games has just been an amazing experience and I’m already looking forward the 2020 games!”

Dr Fiona Dallas, renal consultant at North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust has supported Becky through her journey said:

“The double transplants have transformed Becky’s life. She was facing dialysis and the limitations on her life associated with kidney disease and diabetes. Since 2016 her energy levels have soared and she is able to participate fully in family life, go back to work and now take part in the Bristish Transplant Games. She has ensured she takes great care of the precious donations and we hope they will last for many years. We are very proud of her sporting achievements and very grateful for her publicity for transplantation.”

Becky adds:

“If you are not already a registered organ donor, I would urge you to become one, it is so upsetting to hear that people are still dying every day through lack of organ donors and it shouldn't be happening. There will be an opt-out system put in place from next spring and this an amazing step forward but it is still so vitally important that people let their loved ones know their organ donation decision and share their organ donation wishes so more lives like mine can be saved.”

Becky was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 12, and despite trying to live a normal life it was never easy, with many trips in and out of hospital. As she got older her condition worsened and she was added to the NHS transplant waiting list. In January 2016 Becky underwent a successful kidney and pancreas transplant after a donor was found.

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