Patients over 16 who were in West Cumberland Hospital or the Cumberland Infirmary in November last year may soon receive a questionnaire asking them about their experience.

The survey is part of the national annual inpatient survey being undertaken by the Care Quality Commission annual inpatient survey who are SMS texts or questionnaires to a random sample of patients.

Patients are being asked about various aspects of their care, including the quality of care, treatment, communication with staff, information, and environment of facilities.

The results enables us to make improvements based on feedback and evaluate the success of quality improvement initiatives implemented since the last survey. It’s vital to gather feedback from patients and take their views and priorities into account to improve the quality of care.

Results from the last survey, helped to identify areas where there was most room for improvement with communication with patients, hospital food and information provided to patients.

The survey findings will be reported to the Quality Improvement Safety Committee and they are reviewed and monitored in the Patient Experience Forum meetings.  We will work with our staff and patients to use the feedback from this survey to help improve patient’s experiences at the trust.

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