Geoff Masters Donates Paintings7.JPGA patient who suffered a mini stroke has thanked staff on the ward where he was treated by donating some pictures he painted.

Talented artist Geoff Masters, 90, was a patient on Elm A ward, after he suffered a transient ischemic attack (TIA).

He returned to the Cumberland Infirmary this week to see his paintings on the walls and corridors of Elm A/B.

He said: “I’ve been painting since I was about five. I paint mainly landscapes, seascapes, interiors and natural objects such as trees and plants.”

One of the paintings is of a house in the Auvergne in France. Another has the title Wild Roses. Geoff Masters Donates Paintings2.JPG

Mr Masters, of Caldbeck, said: “I paint mainly from drawings. I am pleased my paintings are helping to brighten up the ward.

“The staff were great. They looked after me well. When you’re in hospital you are so grateful for what people do for you.”

Rachael Edgar, specialist physiotherapist, said: “Geoff’s paintings make the ward look friendly and nice.”

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