Bianca auction pic.jpegWhitehaven artist Bianca Spencer has created three paintings for the NHS - which will be displayed at the West Cumberland Hospital.

Inspired by the Coronavirus outbreak and the superhero medical staff that work in our hospitals, Bianca got out her easel and brushes to create four masterpieces.

She said: “I work at Sellafield but art is my hobby. I wanted to create a bit of history that people could look at it in years to come.”

One of Bianca’s paintings features the NHS logo with the S a Superman sign.

Another shows five superheroes with a medic wearing a mask in the middle.

And the third shows three nurses with superhero masks on.

Bianca said: “The paintings take me about 10 hours to do. I have been working on a really big one which is called Clap for the NHS. That took me about 15 hours to create.

“The Clap for the NHS piece was inspired by the clapping of hands we a continuing as a nation to show our support to the NHS every Thurday and 8pm. Also inspired by the rainbow the NHS is now using with their logos, I thought I would create this abstract piece as a way to create gratitude to each and every NHS Worker. 

“I know everyone will agree that the NHS are absolutely incredible and definitely do not get enough credit for what they do on a day to day. Never mind with the pressure they are under right now. They’re honestly amazing.”

The painting to be auctioned is 100cm x 100cm x 4cm boxed canvas and acrylic painted.

Bianca said: “I have not personally been affected by Coronavirus and neither have any of my family or friends but I know some friends whose friends have had the virus.”

Bianca’s latest creation will be auctioned off on Friday, May 29 on the site

The link is

The auction will start at 12noon.

Bianca said: “I have no idea how much money I will raise. There is a fee so the auction can take place but after that all the money will go to the NHS.”

Bidding starts at £35.

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