Nayas wish.jpgA west Cumbrian family has donated a number of memory boxes to the West Cumberland Hospital to support children who have lost a sibling.

Kathryn, Joe and their children Dylan and Ebony from Beckermet, West Cumbria made a kind donation to the midwifery unit following the sad loss of their daughter Mollie Hannah in January 2020.

Kathryn said “When we lost Mollie we worried about how to support Dylan and Ebony, a lot of the time children’s grief is forgotten about. Another bereaved family sent Dylan & Ebony a ‘Naya’s Wish’ sibling box in memory Mollie for Christmas. When we realised how much they helped we decided we would raise money for Mollie's 1st birthday so we could have these boxes available in our local hospital"

The family raised money on Mollie's 1st birthday anniversary for a charity called ‘Naya’s Wish’ who create the memory boxes. They contain things such as a tea light, cuddly toy, a note book for the siblings to write their own notes, information about what has happened and children can add their own ‘memory items’

Kerry Pape, Specialist Bereavement Midwife said “We are extremely grateful to the Rigg family and Naya’s wish charity for the fantastic sibling memory boxes. These will provide children with bereavement support following the loss of their baby brother or sister which is so greatly needed, Thank you.”

The charity Naya's wish was set up after the loss of the founder’s daughter Naya in January 2019. The charity aims to support as many children affected by sibling loss as they can by providing them with a memory box. More information can be found on their Facebook page, Instagram and a website.

The charity Sands can provide support to anyone affected by the death of a baby and works to improve bereavement care and funds research to save babies lives. To find out more click here

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