Work is continuing to refurbish and extend the inpatient unit at Brampton War Memorial hospital.

In August, the inpatient ward numbers were reduced to allow works on the extension of the ward to start and now the ward has temporarily closed to allow for the full refurbishment of the ward to be completed. All patients have now been safely discharged from Brampton.

Staff from the ward at Brampton will transfer temporarily to the Cumberland Infirmary and provide a ‘Hospital to Home’ ward helping to support patients to get home from hospital safely and in a timely way.

Alison Budd, director of nursing at North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust (NCIC), said: “We are delighted that we can utilise the skills and experience of the staff from Brampton to support the hospital to home ward at the Cumberland Infirmary. This will ensure that patients are receiving intensive, rapid therapy-based support to help them to get back home.

“At NCIC we champion ‘No place like home’ because we know that people recover quicker when they are in their own home. We need to make sure that our patients have the right support to help them get home safely and in a timely way and this ward is designed specifically for that."

The works at Brampton Hospital are expected to be completed in spring 2020.

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