Molly thumbnail.PNGMolly Dargue – Apprentice Nurse My journey so far

I began my career with North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust when I was 18 starting in support service roles before taking the plunge to become a Health Care Assistant.

My 1st Apprenticeship with the trust started in 2017 where I gained a Level 2 Qualification in Business Administration in the Communications Team, I gained the skills and experience to undertake various support service roles in the trust. Towards the end of 2019, I came across the role of ‘Community Health Care Assistant’ based at Penrith. I was lucky enough to be offered the role and I’ve never looked back. I finally found a role that I loved and wanted to do for the rest of my career.

In September 2020 I was accepted onto the Registered Nurse Degree Apprentice, a 3 year programme that allows me to continue to working whilst gaining useful experience whilst on placement and my study days.

The jump from administrative to clinical staff was the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

As part of getting ready for the role as a Health Care Assistant, I undertook a 12 week programme called the care certificate. I learnt about the basics such as personal care, rules and regulations and moving and handling techniques. I also had to complete online e-Learning and submit a written reflective account to gain my care certificate qualification. Completing the care certificate gave me the confidence to do my job and was a good way to be introduced into health care role.

I loved being a Health Care Assistant, I enjoy meeting local people and providing care to our patients at home. I’m able to do wound care, take bloods, administer insulin, catheter care, check patient’s skin and ensure our patients are happy and looked after at home. My job also involves a lot of admin, such as referring to different services such as podiatry or social services.

As soon as I began working as a Health Care Assistant I knew this type of role was for me and was supported to develop myself further to undertake a nursing degree.

I’ve just started the registered nurse degree apprenticeship which is a 3 year secondment with the trust. I study at the Open University 7.5 hours a week and will complete multiple placements during my 3 years of study.

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