Chris Bird1.JPGChris has been Unit Manager at CIC and manager for community services in the east of Cumbria for many years. She has been a great friend and a good support to all staff working within maternity services, including acute and community midwifery teams, obstetric team, health care assistants and our domestic team. 

She always enquires about staff, their welfare including their families. Staff know she’s always available to have a chat if they have any concerns or need some extra support. 

Chris has led the way in changes in the unit, including procurement of monies to enable us to have our Snowdrop Suite which is a room specifically for bereaved families. 

Chris has continued to work clinically and when required stepping in to help the amazing maternity team and is known to telephone on her days off to ensure everything is safe. She is stepping down as unit manager and is now taking flexi-retirement, but will continue to support the new Head of Midwifery. She will still be around offering the skills, experience and expertise as a clinical midwife but also continuing to show the kindness and support she is known for.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris for all the unseen and sometimes unknown work she has undertaken over and above her role; to wish her well in her new role, but pleased to say that she is to remain part of the maternity work family 

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