Café Inspire based at Voreda House, Penrith hosted a celebration event to mark 10 years of success ahead of its new chapter at a new bakery.

Jacqui Taylor, Chief Officer at 4Eden opened the ceremony and spoke about how Café Inspires’ journey started:

“We spotted an advert in the Cumberland and Westmorland Herald where what was Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust were looking for someone to open a hospitality facility in Voreda House.

“We’d never tendered before but we put a big presentation together and went to Kendal to present our plans to the Trust. I remember telling the team not to get their hopes up, and as soon as said that I got the call to say we’d got the tender. We were elated and that’s when Café Inspire began.

“It’s an end of an era but the start of a new chapter for us. Café Inspire just works, it’s who we are and we will take that with us. Thank you to the Trust for this opportunity.”

Michael Smillie, executive director of finance & estates at the Trust has used the café since it opened and said:

“Thank you to everyone, it’s a spark of imagination that made the café so great. Not only have we been fed well, the students in the café also have made us happy. It’s an exciting new start ahead and I can’t wait to visit Bake4Eden.”

Michael also presented the Café Inspire students with a set of chef whites for their jobs at the Bake4Eden bakery.

Robin Talbot, Chair of the Trust, added:

“Café Inspire has been inspiring, we have all loved and appreciated  it. I sit in an office just above the café and have often smelled the delicious food being cooked!

“I look forward to going along to Bake4Eden and would like to say a big thank you and wish everyone the best of luck.”

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