WestCumberlandHospital_25052022_37_©MatthewNicholPhotography.jpgLooking to the Future 

The Copeland Unit is a rehabilitation or ‘step down’ ward which will be moving into the new build during phase two of the redevelopment of West Cumberland Hospital. The new unit will be increasing its bed numbers from 15 to 24 which will allow them to care for more patients who need rehabilitation before returning home or a to different care setting and will also free up beds for patients who require more intense care on the other inpatient wards.

The unit will be housed on the ground floor and will benefit from a much improved environment for both patients and staff. Patients will have access to an outdoor area where they can do vital rehabilitation with members of the team or simply take some time out away from the ward, to enjoy the fresh air in a private courtyard.   

The Copeland unit has its own team of dedicated physiotherapists and the new stepdown unit will have a large ‘gym’ area which will be used by the Physiotherapy team to support patients to recover their mobility and function before they return home. The treatment plan may include strengthening exercises, balance exercises, stretches, transfer practice (for example, practising to stand up from a chair), mobility practice (walking) or stairs practice,  

There will also be an onsite ‘Activities of Daily Life Kitchen’ where our Occupational Therapists will assist and assess patients with tasks they will need to carry out in their own homes. The goal of the stepdown unit is to prepare patients for returning to their own homes if appropriate or to another community setting. The addition of a kitchen onto the ward will help patients gain back their confidence in completing everyday tasks and allow the team to understand what adjustments may need to be made at home in order to support a patient.

Senior Occupational Therapist for the Copeland Unit Ruth Fawkes said:  

“A therapy kitchen which can be accessed from the ward will be very beneficial for the patients. Food preparation skills, whether cooking or baking, are widely used within occupational therapy. They serve a range of purposes, including skill development to support independent living, providing a leisure or work activity and, importantly, offering opportunities for social engagement with others. I look forward to cooking up a storm with the patients!”

Helen Rusman, Sister for the Copeland Unit said: 

“We’re delighted with the plans for the new Copeland Unit. The ward is primarily a rehab unit and the multi-disciplinary team here all work to support the safe discharge of patients back into the community.  Our patients might need a bit more time to recover after they have had surgery or been unwell and now they  do so in a much improved environment, one which really supports the work we’re doing here.”

The Service 

The Copeland unit at West Cumberland Hospital is a stepdown facility which provides an intermediate level of care for patients who may require additional support after a lengthy hospital stay, before being well enough to return to their own home if appropriate or to another community setting. Patients on the Copeland unit can spend some time recuperating and working alongside the team to build strength and confidence after spending some time in hospital. Stepdown care also provides support for patients who are clinically ready to leave the inpatient ward, but may be waiting for non-clinical decisions or issues to be resolved. The service takes a holistic approach to supporting patients who could benefit from continuing care in a recovery-focused environment.

nurses day.jpgThe team on the Copeland unit, are a multi-disciplinary team supporting different elements of a patient’s recovery journey. The team is made up of: 

  • Doctors
  • Nurses 
  • Physiotherapists 
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Discharge Liaison Nurses 
  • Health Care Assistants

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