A unique course that helps people in Cumbria with type 2 diabetes understand more about their condition has won a national innovation award.

The Cumbria DESMOND Injectable Toolkit programme was one of four shortlisted for the Innovation Category at the inaugural Celebrating DESMOND Awards 2019 and was held on Thursday 3rd October 2019.

DESMOND stands for Diabetes, Education and Self-Management course for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed patients and is run by North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust (NCIC).

The Injectable Toolkit programme began in 2016 and offers patients access to a structured three day course for practical support and advice for patients with Type 2 diabetes when moving to injectable therapies for diabetes management.

Annette Routledge, Specialist Diabetes Nurse at NCIC said: “North Cumbria was one of only a few areas in the country to adopt the DESMOND Injectable Toolkit and we have adapted the course to meet the needs of people living in a large rural area, making it quite unique. To date, more than 200 patients have completed the course with impressive results.

“Individual course attendees’ feedback makes delivering this course one of the most rewarding aspects of my role. People have reported enjoying being part of a small group, gaining better understanding and feeling much more confident about managing their Type 2 Diabetes.

“People attending this three day group education are instantly extremely supportive of each other and I believe it is this shared understanding of what it is like to have Type 2 Diabetes as well as the Diabetes education content that makes the course reassuring and valuable for all involved.”

Patient feedback has been very positive. One patient said: “I feel the course has enabled me to understand Type 2 diabetes more and I now feel a lot more confident with it.  Both ladies taking the course were brilliant.  I did not feel embarrassed or unable to ask a silly question. Both helped me
enormously.  Hopefully my diabetes will now continue to be good with what I have learnt – thanks.”

Another patient said: “Being part of a small group has given an insight in other people’s problems and treatments and ideas, I wish I had known about this sooner.”

Annette added: “The Injectable Toolkit programme promotes self-management, based on current research theories and philosophy, and helps us meet national guidelines about the importance of shared decision making between people with diabetes and health professionals as well as ongoing support.”

DESMOND refers to a range of educational support programmes to help those with diabetes manage their condition. Within north Cumbria the Trust cares for over 22,000 people with Diabetes. 

The event was also an opportunity for the team to attend workshops, network and share good practice.





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