Virtual Work Experience.pngOver 200 students in Cumbria took part part in a virtual work experience week last year as part of our plans to ensure that young people see the NHS and North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust (NCIC) as attractive career options and potential employers.

NCIC had 200 14-18 year olds enrolled on modules for nursing and allied health professionals in October last year and is hoping to repeat the online work experience this summer and review the face to face opportunities for the future during the year.

The virtual events were delivered in partnership with Springpod, a national online content provider to develop a bespoke virtual careers offer and NCIC was rated the highest for completion rate amongst all the Trusts taking part with the scheme.

The module content included videos, quizzes and activities plus a live webinar hosted by Springpod’s presenters with Trust staff answering the youngster’s questions.

Springpod reported that positive impacts included: 

  • 64% increase in students rating their understanding of Nursing & Midwifery careers within the NHS after the program.
  • 45% increase in students rating ‘Very Confident’ in terms of finding a job in the future
  • 66% increase in students rating their understanding of AHP careers within the NHs after completion

One person taking part said: 

“Thank you so much, I have really enjoyed it and it is amazing to see how things work within the NHS. I really would love to work for the NHS in Cumbria.”

Suzan Hunter Workforce Development & Engagement Co-ordinator at NCIC said:

“We now have the beginnings of a local talent pipeline, which is essential to attract and encourage young people to remain in Cumbria. I’d like to thank all of our staff who helped to inform the students of the incredible career opportunities we have here at NCIC. Due to the success of the programme we are planning the next iteration for the summer term.”

Anne-Marie Weller, Head of Nursing for Clinical Education and Practice Development, Corporate Nursing said:

“We are delighted with the enthusiasm and interest in the scheme as well as completion rates. It’s important we encourage some of these young students to remain in Cumbria and develop their career with us as healthcare professionals. There are now so many new opportunities for young people, who can now start their career as a health care assistant and train while working to become a qualified professional."

For further details how to sign up to the programme please contact or sign up for a Springpod account via their website and keep an eye out for news and updates on the next virtual work experience event.