Sharon Uhrig.jpgWe have appointed our first donation liaison nurse.

Sharon Uhrig is also the UK’s first donation liaison nurse for geographical outlying hospitals.

She has taken on the brand new role to help staff and families to support organ and tissue donation.

The former senior intensive care nurse said:

“I am very excited and proud to be the first Donation Liaison Nurse. It is a great opportunity to be the pioneer for this new role. I am committed to making the post successful and want to be able to help the service develop and expand.

“My role has been developed specially to address the difficulties outlying hospitals have in accessing education and support. Before my appointment the Trust relied on a part time member of the regional team based in the north east, and while that worked well I hope my new role will enable our donation service to become an exemplar for the future of organ and tissue donation across the country.”

Jacqueline Newby, specialist nurse in organ donation said: “Organising organ donation takes time to ensure the safety of organs for transplant and Sharon will develop a faster process which will result in a better service for our staff, patients and families in Cumbria.”

Sharon has been a senior nurse on the Intensive Care Unit at West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven for almost 18 years and has been the donation link nurse for the last several years so she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her into this new role.

Sharon will focus on developing donation pathways, educating and supporting staff involved with organ and tissue donation and raising the profile of donation.

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