We are appealing to patients to return crutches, walking sticks and zimmer frames– after a large drop in numbers of returns over the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

Crutches.jpgMaybe you’ve found some lying around that you’d forgotten all about, or maybe you just never got round to bringing them back yet, either way it’s time to free up the space they’ve been using.

The Trust asks patients given crutches, walking sticks or zimmer frames to bring them back once no longer needed. They’ll be professionally cleaned and reused. A significant number haven’t been returned.

Fiona Wright Deputy Head of Physiotherapy said:

 “We need the crutches and other walking aids to be returned so we can use them for other patients. We’re asking people to hand them in, you’re not only helping us but it’s much better for the planet when we reuse equipment. Many of you may have stored them away and forgotten they are in the home. Please bring them back so we can re-use them. It is perfectly safe to bring them back for them to be professionally cleaned so they can be safely reused by other patients.”

Where to hand them in:

West Cumberland Hospital and the Cumberland Infirmary will have meet and greet volunteers at the entrance who will collect equipment handed in.

You can also hand equipment in at each of the community hospitals, including:
  • Penrith Community Hospital
  • Workington Community Hospital
  • Brampton War Memorial Hospital
  • Cockermouth Community Hospital
  • Maryport Victoria Cottage Hospital
  • Alston Community Hospital
  • Wigton Community Hospital
  • Keswick Community Hospital