The Intensive Care Unit at West Cumberland Hospital has recently been able to fund a new specialist bike that can prevent muscle deterioration.

We would like to give a huge thanks to the public for their ongoing support and donations.

MotoMed bike.jpgLouise McCreadie, Assistant Practitioner in Rehabilitation after Critical Illness, said: “Studies have shown that patients can lose up to 40% of their muscle mass within the first 7 days of immobility.

"The ‘MOTOmed Letto 2 arm and leg bike’ not only helps retain strength while critically ill but can also be used passively, as in it works for the patient to help maintain joint range of motion, reduction in fluid retention and pressure relief.

“This particular bike is very versatile as it can be used for both upper and lower limb work. As patients improve, the bike can be used more actively meaning patients have to do more work themselves. The bike has a large selection of programs to allow for a tailored rehabilitation approach for patients.”

The bike can be used when a patient is in bed or when sitting up in a chair. Extensive research shows the physical benefits of a proactive approach to the treatment of critically unwell patients is used to help combat acquired muscle weakness and muscle wastage. Along with the mobility benefits, there is also a positive psychological impact. Early exercise and mobilisation has been found to be effective in combatting delirium.

Louise added:

“The cost of a The ‘MOTOmed Letto 2’ is just over £10,000, which has been kindly funded by charitable funds.

“Many patients and their families have donated and asked that their donations go towards intensive care rehabilitation. We are very grateful for all the donations including those from sponsored walks, the 8pm convoy and in memory of patients who have sadly passed away. Without these generous donations, it would have not been possible purchase such a momentous piece of rehabilitation equipment.

“Across the multi-disciplinary team; nurses, doctors and physio would like to thank everyone for their generous donations.”

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