Ahead of the bank holiday weekend, health chiefs across the county are thanking the public for their amazing support for key workers, but encouraging them to continue to do this safely from their doorsteps.

The public can best support the NHS and other key workers by:

  • Social distancing – stay two metres apart
  • Don’t make unnecessary journeys
  • Act like you’ve got it - anyone can catch it, anyone can spread it
  • Wash your hands regularly especially when coming back into the house or after touching surfaces
  • Still contact us if you need help - the NHS is still here for you if you need us and we are keen that people don’t ignore symptoms that could represent a stroke, heart problem or cancer

Health leaders want to thank the public for following these stay home measures which has had a significant impact.

Professor John Howarth who has led the NHS response in north Cumbria said: “We are very grateful for the way our community has responded to the stay at home measures. There is no doubt that this has massively reduced the pressures that we could have faced and has saved many lives. The public support has made a huge difference to our staff, and we are extremely grateful.”

The weekly Clap For Carers at 8pm on a Thursday is a much appreciated display for all our key workers in the county, and something everyone can do from their own home.

Professor Howarth said: “If you want to show your support for the NHS we urge you to join the weekly clap from your own doorstep and share the experience with your closest neighbours. We appreciate all the warm, colourful and loud gestures of support for our keyworkers, but it is important that people don’t make unnecessary journeys to show their support.”

As we approach the bank holiday, he added: “I would also urge people to continue to stay two metres away from others when they go about essential activities such as shopping or exercise.”

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