First cohort of indian nurses.jpgA group of Indian nurses who began their careers with North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust have spoken about how happy they are in their new roles.

More than 20 nurses have now joined NCIC from India and are settling in well to life in Carlisle and their working life at the Cumberland Infirmary.

We caught up with three of the new recruits who we spoke to when they first arrived at the hospital in February.

They are Deepa Pillai, Doonia Vinod John and Ancy Thomas.

Deepa said: “I’ve found a house to rent in Denton Holme. It’s a beautiful place with a small water fountain nearby.

“I’ve started my shifts and am familiarising myself with the routines. The staff on Larch A/B are very supportive and helpful. Starting from housekeepers, HCA’s, clerks, staff nurses, educators, unit managers – everyone is helping us a lot. They consider our cultural differences which is so great. I am really happy to be part of the team.”

“I don’t know what exactly attracted me to Carlisle but I am lucky to be here. I am thankful for this great opportunity and I hope I can explore more after lockdown.”

Doonia said: “Everything is going well and good.

“I am slowly settling to this beautiful place. I managed to get a flat near hospital. The ward members were really helpful which made me get on track much faster.

“There are certain things that I still need to figure out, but I will do that slowly.

“NCIC does their best to make us feel confident and independent.

“Due to lockdown I haven't been able to see places around the city just yet other than a small waterfall near Denton Holme.”

Ancy said: “I’ve got a house near the hospital and everyone on the ward is helping me with policies and procedures.

“Dealing with different people is a great thing and I am enjoying the change in climate.

“Outside work I have been to do my shopping and I hope to explore Scotland and the Lake District when lockdown is over.”

Beth Woodhall, Onboarding and Pastoral Support Assistant at NCIC, said: “The other new recruits are all settling in well and the wards have made them feel very welcome.”

International recruitment is an option mainly used by employers, like the NHS, trying to fill vacancies in certain geographical areas or professions with recognised skill shortages. International recruitment has been pursued by the Trust as one of the options to address historical staffing issues alongside other local and national routes such as supporting our workforce to train as associate and apprentice nurses.