Shelley.JPGShelley Shaw Daly became a volunteer at NCIC to build up her confidence and to meet different people.

She tells her story: “My partner, who works for NCIC, suggested that I might benefit from volunteering to build up my stamina, my confidence and meet different people.

“I’m giving back my time to the NHS who have been there for me in the last few years.

“A role became available that I thought I may be able to apply for, through the NHS Jobs website, and I went for an initial chat with the Volunteer Co-ordinator who explained the role and a bit more of what volunteering involved.

“I applied for the role of ‘Volunteer Support’, an administrative support to the Volunteer Co-Ordinator, helping to create marketing materials, posters, documents and assisting with volunteer fairs and exhibitions.

“I have been in the role since February and work two mornings a week. It has so far been just what I needed. My ‘boss’ has been very encouraging and helped me start to believe in myself and my skills again.

“Unfortunately, Covid-19, has put a spanner in the works for everyone. I have managed to do bits and pieces from home, but I cannot wait to get back to work in the real world again.

“People talk about mental health a lot just now, as we are in lockdown.

“Volunteering has kept me ‘sane’ and I would recommend it to anyone who has the time to give something back, whether it be face to face roles, where just a smile can be enough to support someone else, or an office job which you know will support staff to do their job even better than they do already. Win/win!”


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