We are celebrating Maternity Support Workers this week.

Eleanor Mattinson.jpgMaternity support workers are an integral part of the maternity services across Cumbria. They work in our hospitals and communities to support the midwives bring new life into the world.

Rachel Fulton, Matron for Maternity Services at CIC, said:

“Our maternity care assistants are the backbone of the service and we want to celebrate them. We are so appreciative of all that they do for maternity services and we would like them to know the difference they make. The poem “Angels in Green” sums up what they mean to us.”

Angels in Green by Rachel Fulton

Angels in green, we thank you so much
For being there always and being our crutch
Without you we’d struggle to provide the best care
Our challenges are less just knowing you’re there
Juggling the midwives, the patients, the chores
For that you all deserve a round of applause
Not only this week, but every single day
A perfect example of the NCIC way.

Angels in green, know the difference you make
You’re the heart of the unit, the icing on the cake
The backbone we need to keep us all strong
At the core of the team is where you belong
You wash dishes and beds as well as our ladies
Stock up, dish up and feed all the babies
Prick heels, weigh newborns, it’s never too much
Families’ hearts, minds and souls you really do touch.

Collette Wilson.jpgColette Wilson has been a maternity support worker for over two years. She told us her story:

“I was working on the bank and I knew a hospital setting was right for me. I applied for a full time position on maternity but didn’t think I’d be considered as there was sure to be plenty of applicants so to be interviewed was a pleasant surprise. Liz and Rachel interviewed me and they made me feel at ease.

“To be accepted later that same day was the best news ever. I work with a fantastic team and every day I am in awe of the midwives I work alongside.

“I am so glad I applied that day and it is an honour and privilege to work on this ward and feel I have the full support of my manager and fellow workers and there are always opportunities to learn.”

“I love everything about my job. The ladies, the midwives, the babies. Just everything!”

Georgina Slater.jpgGeorgina Slater, maternity health assistant started just two months ago. We asked what she enjoys most about her role. She said:

“I like seeing women coming in pregnant and then getting to be part of the care that helps bring their baby into the world. I am hoping to go on and become a midwife so this will help me get experience before going to University next year.”

This week and always, the role of Maternity Support Worker is invaluable to the women, babies and families they help care for. Working alongside midwives, they:

  • help to care for mothers and babies
  • make routine observations (temperature, pulse, blood pressure, breathing, etc)
  • update records and other admin tasks
  • educate parents one-to-one or in groups
  • take blood samples for testing
  • order stationery and equipment
  • prepare equipment
  • promote breastfeeding
  • report problems to a registered midwife or nurse

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