The first step towards a new and improved Emergency Care floor at the West Cumberland Hospital is now in place. The modular unit which will house a procedure room, 4 clinic/assessment rooms, an infusion room with up to 6 trollies or chairs with dedicated staff base, a reception & waiting area as well as office space was delivered and positioned earlier this week.  

The modular unit which will sit as an extension of the existing Emergency Assessment Unit has been placed to improve patient flow within the hospital and allow the Trust to effectively reduce some delays for patients who attend the Emergency Department at the site. 

It is hoped that these upgrades will vastly improve patient experience at the hospital. David Glover, Emergency Care and medicine General Manager at the West Cumberland Hospital said:

“The expansion and development work which is now well underway at WCH will allow us to offer a much improved service to our patients. The modular units are now situated and should be fully operational this April, this alongside the redevelopment work happening at the site is a huge step forward for WCH.”  

Improvements will also be made within the main hospital, the work comprises of, the development of a Rapid Assessment & Treatment Room (RAT’s), within the Emergency Department which will enable improved patient flow across the site. 


  • Modular build being lowered by crane

    Modular build being lowered by crane

  • Modular build being added

    Modular build being added

  • Crane


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