Paul Bainbridge again.JPGMore than 115 patients who were receiving treatment for Coronavirus at the two hospitals run by North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust have recovered and been discharged from hospital.

The patients have been successfully treated by NHS staff and have now been confirmed as Covid negative.

Paul Bainbridge, 60, is one patient who has recovered after fighting Coronavirus.

He was treated by Yogendra Jagatsinh, a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine at NCIC.

Paul had been receiving treatment on Elm A ward at the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle after suffering a stroke last year.

Dr Jagatsinh said: “The staff were all devastated when Paul contracted COVID-19 as he is such a lovely person. We all shed tears because we have such a bond with him.

“We were unsure if he would pull through and be able to fight the virus as he was previously on a ventilator but we battled on.

“We are absolutely delighted he improved and he’s back with us.

“It is an amazing outcome as he was so poorly we didn’t think he would make it.

“Today he squeezed my hand and I said to him: “Paul, I’m glad you made it.”

“He is thankful to everyone. He’s a fighter.

“He is such a lovely person and loves sport. Whenever we get time we go and talk to him as he has a really bubbly personality.”

Husband and wife Tom and Sylvia Benson, of Penrith, have also recovered after contracting Coronavirus.Tom and Sylvia Benson.jpg

The couple, aged 60 and 58, are now back at home.

Their daughter, Laura Harding, said: “My parents received care at the Cumberland Infirmary between March 30 and April 14. They were treated in A&E, ITU and Beech D ward.

“At every level they received a high level of medical care, individual support, attention and reassurance that everything was going to be ok.

“The wards liaised between themselves to make sure that my mum and dad had up-to-date information about each other and when mum was moved from ITU onto the ward they made sure that they were near to each other.

“They also helped dad go round to see her each day.

“On the day the left hospital, staff members clapped them as they left side by side in their wheelchairs and supported me to get them downstairs and into the car.

“My mum wanted to say a special thankyou to a health care assistant who worked in A&E who stayed with her as she was scared and then went with her to ITU and made sure that she settled in okay.

“An extra special thanks needs to go to Dr Bow, a Renal Consultant.  Mum is a high risk shielding patient and Dr Bow has been instrumental in her care as well as checking in on my dad and reassuring him. 

“We feel as a family Dr Bow had gone above and beyond to make sure that my mum is still with us and has received the best care possible, even before the virus took hold and she was confirmed as positive COVID-19 patient.”

Laura said both her mum and dad are “tired” but are “slowly increasing their energy levels.”




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