Since 2020 visiting arrangements across our adult inpatient units have been closely managed. This was to maintain the safety of patients and staff working in hospital settings specifically in relation to covid-19 infection.

Visiting arrangements have slowly eased as the risk reduced. The Trust has now determined that it is appropriate to return to consistent visiting times across all our adult inpatient units.

Visiting times for all adult inpatient units are:

Hospital Visiting hours
  • Cumberland Infirmary
  • West Cumberland hospital
  • Cockermouth Community Hospital
  • Brampton War Memorial Hospital
  • Workington Community Hospital
  • Penrith Community Hospital
  • Keswick Community Hospital
  • 2pm until 4pm
  • 7pm until 8pm

For all hospital wards 

A maximum of 2 people may visit at a time and we ask all visitors to follow infection prevention measures. Use hand sanitiser before and after visiting a ward and please do not visit if you feel at all unwell.

  • If you have had diarrhoea or vomiting, please do not come to any hospital or care facility until you have been clear of symptoms for 2 full days.
  • If an outbreak of covid-19 occurs on a ward visitors will still be allowed but will be asked to wear masks and to use hand sanitisers.
  • If an outbreak of diarrhoea or vomiting occurs the ward will be closed to visitors while the outbreak is managed.
  • Outbreaks will be made clear on the ward hospital pages of our public website and. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.

Any exceptions to any of these visiting arrangements is at the discretion of the Nurse in Charge of the ward at the time – this includes for patients who are at the end of their life and those who require reasonable adjustments due to their condition.

Visiting times for maternity and children’s wards have not changed.

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