North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust has created a digital publication and informative webpages to document the Trust’s response and management to COVID-19 so far.  The Trust’s “our covid story” shows the behind the scenes preparations ahead of the pandemic, the work that happened to manage it and the plans looking to the future.

Lyn Simpson, Chief Executive at North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

“The amount of work that’s been going on across the NHS over the past few months in response to the coronavirus pandemic has been phenomenal.

“We’ve seen our staff and teams adapt the ways they work without hesitation, we’ve had great collaborative working with our partners and we’ve had masses of support from our local communities.

“To capture all of this and more we wanted to create something that could share our work and so we’ve developed our covid story at NCIC.”

The Trust’s our covid story consists of 3 parts; protect, save and renew. It includes stories of COVID-19 preparation, innovative projects that have been developed, adapting to working differently and the approach to patient care. 

Lyn adds:

“Our covid story includes the work we’ve done to protect our staff, patients and communities, the work that’s happened to save lives and our future plans moving forward.

“This is only the first part of our covid story as we now look to renew of our ways of working. We’ll be adding to the story on an ongoing basis to reflect our new innovations and lessons learned from the first few months.”

View the our covid story webpages at:

Read our covid story publication at:

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