North Cumbria NHS want to say thank you.

This week, North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust (NCIC) is holding a virtual Festival of Thanks running from 29 September to 1 October.

The three day mini festival of thanks and wellbeing has been designed to reflect the incredible response to dealing with the pandemic from staff and our communities.

Not only do the Trust want to thank their staff for the fantastic work they’ve done over the past few months – they also want to thank Cumbrian communities and businesses for their generosity, support and kindness during this extremely difficult time.

Daniel Scheffer, Company Secretary, said:

“During the worst of the pandemic we were overwhelmed by the amount of support we received from the local community and we just cannot thank people enough. Donations of food deliveries, clothing, treats – the list goes on – were received and on behalf of everyone working in the Trust and patients who benefitted I’d like to say just how hugely the outpouring of support was appreciated.

“Earlier in the year the weekly turnout from the public to show their appreciation for the NHS by clapping lifted morale amongst NHS staff. So I’d also like to thank the local people of Cumbria for joining in on their doorsteps by the thousands.

“This week – during our Festival of Thanks – we have received some lovely messages from patients and families thanking staff at the Trust for their care during the Coronavirus pandemic.

 “It has been humbling to see just how highly the NHS is cherished by the public. Thank you to every one of you.”

After an appeal for messages of thanks, the Trust has been inundated with patients past and present wanting to share their stories and praise the amazing staff at NCIC. These messages will be shared during the festival this week.

Nikki Bridson-Nelson, Sexual Health Manager at NCIC, said: “During the height of the pandemic I was the manager of the Medical Workforce Hub and was asked to lead on donations to NCIC in west Cumbria.Nikki Bridson Nelson.jpg

“We received so many generous donations to NCIC staff, teams and also patients and volunteers. The support was absolutely overwhelming. Businesses, local community groups and individuals were phoning up or making contact to see how they could help whilst others freely gave what they thought staff and patients needed. We took daily deliveries of a huge range of donations for example: meals, treats, hand creams, drinks, Easter eggs. People fund raised extensively or gave individually to pay for the items they donated.   National firms were also very supportive and gave Easter eggs, bottled water and chewing gum.

 “I will never forget the generosity of our communities. From the bottom of our hearts, on behalf of the staff, patients and volunteers at NCIC we thank you.”

Joshua Smallman.jpgJWGD Printers made visors for staff and one of those who helped was Joshua Smallman, aged seven.

Joshua is thought to be one of the youngest people in Cumbria to make a difference to the NHS during Covid-19.

From March until August, Joshua, who is a Beaver at 1st Hensingham Scouts helped his dad, family friends and his uncle produce more than 3,000 visors and 6,000 ear savers using 3D printing.

Joshua’s job was to count how many had been printed and then, once holes had been punched into either laminating pouches or acetates, Joshua would assemble them.

Once complete, he would put them into groups of 10, so that he could count them easier.

His family said: “Joshua is very humble in what he has done, but he genuinely cares about helping others.”


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