We will be trialling opportunities for its members to meet governors next week. 

Governors are elected by members of the foundation trust, staff and partners to represent the needs of the local community. They work closely with our Board of Directors to shape the future of our organisation.

Governors will be at the Cumberland Infirmary and West Cumberland Hospital on Friday, 27th May between 1pm and 4pm.   

If you have a burning question - or want to talk to the governors about an issue - you can find them in the atrium at the Cumberland Infirmary or by the coffee shop at the West Cumberland Hospital. 

Come and meet your governors; this is your opportunity to provide feedback on NCIC services and receive updates on Trust services.

Carole Woodman, Lead Governor at NCIC, said:

“Governors have a number of  statutory duties but a key one  is the legal duty to represent the interests of members and the public. This is fundamental in ensuring accountability of the Trust to our community. We hope you take this opportunity to come and meet us. The plan is to develop more opportunities for our members and the public to meet governors over the coming months.”

Governors have a number of statutory duties, including the appointment of external auditors, appointment of non-executive directors, including the chair, and agreeing their levels of remuneration. Governors usually serve for three years.   

If you are unable to attend next week’s session, but would still like to get in touch with your governor, you can email them at: AskYourGovernor@ncic.nhs.uk 

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