The Emergency department both at  West Cumberland Hospital and the Cumberland Infirmary have been busy training  paediatric nurses ready to join the teams in A&E. The posts will operate on a rotational basis between Children’s ward and A&E, covering 12 hours a day 7 days a week.  Jill Agnew, Sister on A&E at WCH said of the induction process:

“We covered all aspects of ED nursing in relation to Children. We spent time in resus working through some scenarios such as choking, respiratory arrest and trauma, minor injury and teaching including wound care, plastering and splinting. We also had a session where we discussed developing the care of children in the emergency department; a lot of really good ideas came out of that session.”

The two nurses who are going to complete the first rotation are already working on projects to enhance the paediatric experience in the ED and improve safety.  The whole team is really excited to get them on board and welcome them to the team.  

Ben Frampton, Ward Manager for Children and Young People's Ward said: “There has been a huge amount of interest in these rotational posts between A&E and the Children's Ward. I have already been really impressed with the enthusiasm and skills that our new colleagues will bring to both areas. Our existing staff on paediatrics have been very supportive and are looking forward to the new way of working.

“Not only will the rotation be an essential aspect in bringing paediatrics to the forefront of emergency care, but will also be hugely beneficial in the recruitment and retention of staff. The team are looking forward to working with our A&E colleagues learning new skills and passing on their own existing knowledge in paediatric care. The new service will provide safe, seamless and effective care that ensures we continue to provide a first class service for our children and their families.”

This is an exciting development which will improve the care children will receive in the department and has enriched the relationship between Safeguarding teams, Children’s ward and the Emergency Department. 

This coproduction from teams across the Trust will lead to better overall care for children once they enter the department.  

Dr John Ferris, Clinical Director for A&E said, “This is a really big step forward for the quality of care for children who need our services and goes a long way to meet the CQC objectives which have challenged us in the past. We welcome them all into the team.”


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