Last month we shared details of the new Paediatric Nurses who are joining A&E at both  West Cumberland Hospital and the Cumberland Infirmary .The posts will operate on a rotational basis between Children’s ward and A&E, covering 12 hours a day 7 days a week.

This month we caught up with Georgina Swindle, a Children’s Nurse based at WCH. Georgina has been working within her new role for the past month.  

We asked Georgina how she is finding the role and how she had prepared for the position with the Emergency Department.


What will the new role entail?

The role entails ensuring the smooth running of the paediatric area within the accident and emergency department. This includes the triaging and treatment of children within the department. This includes wound management, burns management, acute and complex medical conditions. We also ensure children are pointed into the correct pathway of care whether that may be GP, CHOC, and admission to the children and young people's unit (WCH & CIC). We also work closely alongside Newcastle (GNCH) for further advice and support on children that are unable to be treated within our trust. The rotational post means we spend 3 months - 4 months working in the accident and emergency department on a rotational basis with the children and young people's unit. This will be a continuous rotation to ensure our skill base and competencies are kept up to date.


How was the training day- what kind of things did you learn?

The training provided us with an insight into the working of the ED department and covered topics such as triage, using ED systems, safeguarding, resus scenarios, wound management, sepsis, and trauma. It allowed for us to look further into the inner working of the department and reassured us about the support we will continuously receive throughout this new post.


How do you feel about the new role?

 I believe this new role is a brilliant role and will significantly benefit the trust and the department. It has allowed for the actions of the last CQC visit to move towards being met and is a movement in the right direction of ensuring children receive the best, most effective care within the department. So far we have been extremely supported by all of the A&E team and are receiving continuous support from our manager and the children and young people’s ward.

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