Free parking permits are available for relatives who are visiting patients who are at the end of their life at West Cumberland hospital or the Cumberland Infirmary.

The Trust understands that this is an exceptionally difficult time for the loved ones of those who are dying and therefore we have processes in place to make sure they are able to park free of charge.

Special permits called ‘Swan permits’ can be issued in these circumstances. From 1st March 2023 these permits will be valid for five days. (Currently they are valid for 48 hours)

The process at each hospital is as follows:

At West Cumberland Hospital (WCH)

Immediate family/close relatives who wish to park free of charge must obtain a Swan permit (maximum 2 vehicles), this will be arranged through the Sister/Nurse in Charge who will contact the security office on 01946 523960 (ext.23960) to arrange the permit.

Please note, The security office is not able to deliver permits, they must be collected by ward staff for distribution.

WCH operates a pay and display car park and until the permit has been issued, a pay and display ticket must be purchased and displayed.

Picking up your Swan permit at WCH:

If you have been advised that the permit is ready for collection you may use the short stay car park to pick the permit up. Once you have the permit you must move your vehicle to one of the visitor car parks and display the Swan permit clearly in the window.

These permits must match the register and not be altered once issued.

The Swan permit must be clearly displayed.

At the Cumberland infirmary (CIC)

A free Swan permit allows free parking for up to five days only in the dedicated concession area which is on Infirmary street behind the Cancer Centre. The map below shows this area. Permits must be authorised by the nurse in charge and can then be obtained by contacting:

  • Bereavement Team - 01228 816878 between 09:00-16:00, Monday to Friday.
  • Larch AB Ward Clerk - 01228 814450 outside of these hours or if the Bereavement team are unavailable.

Please note, we are not able to deliver permits they must be collected.

These permits are not valid in any other area. Please do not use these in any other car park as you will be at high risk of receiving a parking charge notice.

Picking up your Swan permit:

Upon arrival car users must pay as normal to use the barrier operated car parks, unless specifically advised that the permit will be ready for collection upon their arrival in which case you may use the short stay area at the front of the hospital allowing 20 minutes free parking to enter the hospital to collect the permit and return to the vehicle.
You must then move your vehicle to the dedicated concessionary area and clearly display your Swan permit.



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