Rachel Kerr has give feedback to the Trust and those involved in her care. She said:

"The care the support I had been given during my journey has been above and beyond, and I strongly feel that people should be recognised for their work."

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Respect & Dignity

The care and support I had been given during my journey has been above and beyond, and I strongly feel that people should be recognised for their work.

To start with I saw Anne Beattie the breast care nurse, she has been amazing and any question I had, as silly it may had been was answered caring and very truthful. To me she has been very informative and retained her professional status but has become someone I could turn to and know that if unable to answer my call she would return the call whenever she found time, even if staying on after her time or in her breaks.

Lindsay the Macmillan nurse, she is bubbly but caring and understanding, and as Anne has been another line of great support and always would return calls whenever she could. I was never left waiting and always treated with respect. Lindsay has sign posted me to services that Macmillan have offered, which has taken a lot of pressure off me. One being the financial advice from a specialised man who helped to fill out forms etc.

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Kindness & Compassion

When I had the first result from Mr. I. V. Michalakis saying they had found cancer I crumbled, but he was so kind and understanding.

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Feeling safe

When I had results in the coming weeks I had more bad news which was devastating. This time Ms Stella Ioannou (who I immediately felt comfortable with) gave me the bad news in such a lovely manner. I also had the support from Anne (breast nurse) and Lindsay (Macmillan nurse) both Anne and Lindsay have been supporting me all the way. Such lovely understanding people themselves.

When I was told that I was to be operated on, I was scared. I asked if Ms Stells Ioannou or the breast nurse would they come to hold my hand while being put to sleep. Luckily I had Ms Stella Ioannou to operate, I had not been sleeping with worry since the first diagnosis but when told Ms Stells Ioannou was to be the surgeon I slept! I put my full trust in the team.

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Confidence and Trust

Due to Covid I have never met the massage lady Judy (A Macmillan service) who has been able to support me on the phone finding me relaxation techniques as she was not allowed (understandably) to perform massages. I looked forward to her phone calls where she would find the time to talk me through the relaxation, leaving me feeling calm and relaxed. I feel funding could be put to Judy being allowed to make a recording where people could turn to so it could be played at a night time to aid sleep, which I know that nights were the times that my mind would go out of control and all the thoughts or worries would rear their head. To have Judy and her talking through a relaxation would have been great on a dark night time.

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Doctors & Nurses

The morning of the operation came Ms Stells Ioannou came to see me to refresh me with the procedure and to put me at ease.

In the operating theatre Ms Stells Ioannou didn't hold my hand but rubbed my back to let me now all was ok, whilst the anaesthetist was putting me to sleep. What touched me is that with all her patients she deals with she had remembered that I was worried and anxious and to me had remembered that I had asked for her to hold my hand! This will be one memory that I will hold onto as this really touched me.  Ms Stells Ioannou always acted with the patient’s best interest. She listened and retained my requests. This I strongly believe that has helped me with my healing

Overall how was your experience

What I would like to say is that although she is a marvellous surgeon, she is also human and has great empathy. Please recognize her (and the other people mentioned) for what she does and if she could be acknowledged I would be incredibly grateful.


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