IDM Penrith Birthing Centre staff.jpgMidwives from Penrith Birthing Centre showed “team spirit and determination” when responding to Covid-19.

Teams from Appleby, Wigton and Brampton have “risen to the challenge” that Covid-19 has put everyone under.

Jane McRitchie, who is lead midwife at Penrith Birth Centre & Eden Community, said: “We swiftly adapted our practice and our work bases, so that the women, babies and families we care for continued to be seen in the safest possible way. 

“What has not changed throughout this crisis  is our team spirit, determination and resilience and I am extremely proud of each and every one of them. 

“We have laughed together, cried together and been overwhelmed by the extraordinary generosity and support we have received from people who do not even know our names or have accessed our service. 

“International Day of The Midwife thankfully will see all our staff, their families and our lovely clients fit and well.

“We will celebrate the day dressed in bright rainbow colours (underneath our PPE) and continue to do what we do best……care for each other and our women.”

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